Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Devour Dessert Bar

This little gem hides little way away from the city centre, but don't think for one second that hinders its influx of customers.  Everyone seems to know about this place.  I had heard of it, sort of, but never had any idea of where it was or the type of place it was - if I had only been told I wouldn't have been so surprised!

The feedback I had heard was fantastic and I had never been to a "dessert bar" (although on Urbanspoon they seem to be popping up everywhere).  We tried it out on a Saturday night and they don't take reservations, but they said if we came in around 8pm we should be fine to get a seat.  

Trying to find it on Prospect Road tested our "looking for a store while its night with not a lot of lighting and also I didn't have my glasses" skills, but we managed (and managed a park nearly right out the front too).  We were seated at a long table as soon as we entered and were given our menus, which was about an A5 page of drinks and an A5 page of desserts. 

Almost immediately I noticed the "no eftpos" mention at the bottom of the menu and remembered I did not have cash - neither did Paul.  He volunteered to go for a quick wander and get some cash monies while I ordered both our drinks and desserts (as it was table service and Paul had disappeared they took awhile to take my order - I assume because they were waiting for him to get back… or they just took awhile). 

It gave me a good opportunity to take the place in.  It was so much smaller and darker than I had expected, but I loved it because it made it feel so cosy.  There was some very dim lighting and a lot of candles.  Nothing really matched but everything didn't match together perfectly - it was well done!

Just after Paul had left, there was an Asian girl that came in by herself (and before we go any further I'd like to take this moment to let you all know I'm a people watcher, not a creep, and yes, there is a difference hehe) and signalled "3" with her fingers - she was meeting friends.  I continued switching between my phone and gazing around.

So after waiting awhile to place my order, I waited another 10 or so minutes for Paul to get back.  A solid 25 minutes had passed with not a word from Paul and I started getting a bit worried, especially because we had passed a couple of ATM's on our way so I knew they existed in the area.  Eventually I got a "I'm on my way back - long story will be about 10 minutes" text message.  How on earth did he manage to go for a 10 minute wander??  As it happened, Paul did not have great luck with the first 3 or so ATM's he passed and ended up having to walk a loooooong way so we could enjoy our dessert.  

Anyway - remember that Asian girl that was waiting for friends?  So after Paul got back another Asian girl came in, signalled she was after a table for 3 and sat down near us.  I then told Paul about how the other girl had come in and done the same thing and none of her other party members had shown up yet.  Paul then went on to tell me off for assuming they were together because of the Asian thing.  Then we had a hushed conversation about the facts of the situation and I settled it with FINE…. but wouldn't it be funny if they were waiting for each other but they had separate tables and couldn't see each other because of the positioning of those tables, other guests and the dim lighting.  All I have to say is winner winner chicken dinner.  Both of those girls were very patient because I would have been calling my friends being all "where are you I'm by myself and I'm at this table near this weird chick that I think is talking about me because she keeps looking at me"  but neither seemed to realise the other was already there.  I will repeat this though - people watching, not creepy because it's different.  In an anti-climatic ending the girls eventually called each other and discovered they were both there… not too sure what happened to their third party member. 

Our beverages arrived and Paul had his now regular order of iced coffee with soy milk and no cream or ice cream and I had a hot white chocolate and it was so creamy and white chocolatey and almost marshmallowy - mmmmmm.

Onto what you're all here for - the food.  I was extremely disappointed, not in the food but in my dessert choice.  I've never had soufflé and had no real idea what it was besides it was a thing that rose really high and it was kind of a big deal to get one right.  But I'm trying new things remember?  So I went for it.  Regret.  The texture freaked me out, I had no idea what I was eating… is it cooked or is it mousse or is it just soggy?  Wait but it feels like air and it looks like there's so much of it but how I am I done already?  This is a place I desperately want to go back to so I can try something that I'm at least a little familiar with and give it the feedback it deserves. 

Paul's dessert choice however, looked like perfection.  Mini cinnamon chocolate filled donuts (those that know me know how much I love a good donut!) and ice cream and raspberry sauce.  My goodness if it's still on the menu I know what I'll be getting next time!  

It was a really gorgeous night and I hear the menu changes every so often - an excuse to always go back to try the new stuff, right?!  I would recommend getting there early-ish (around 8-8.30) if you can as it got really busy towards about 9.30, although they do well getting a lot of people in there without it seeming too crowded.  

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  1. I think the donut balls are a regular on their menu, I've been here for a year now and they are always around :)

    1. Haha fantastic! Thanks for the heads up :)

  2. thanks for share..