Sunday, February 10, 2013

Second the best...

I know it seems we've been slack, either not writing or not date nighting, although I'm sure there's few of you out there that couldn't blame us - the silly season will be silly! 

As much as I love using date night as an excuse to try new places and discover new foods, what's the point of finding these delicious delights if we don't get to go back because we're already off to the next place?  And I know there's 7 nights in a week so why don't we go another night you say - but all our other nights are taken already and also we don't have endless funds. 

Anyway, as it has happened towards the end of last year we had unintentionally been revisiting old favourites.  "Old" favourites being Devour Dessert Bar (their menu had changed a bit so obviously we had to get back there), Paesano and TGI Fridays.  My goodness did I have a good time!

Devour happened when we were sitting at home on a Sunday night, not hungry enough to cook dinner (or too lazy…) and I was doing what I do best, sitting at my computer browsing the internet.  Up from somewhere comes a picture of a tasty looking dessert and in a heartbeat I was out of my pyjamas and into my "I can eat as much dessert as I want because I haven't had dinner" clothes.  

If you recall our previous visit, you'll know that I tried my very first soufflĂ©… and my very last.  While I knew it was not to my liking, I also knew it was no ones fault but my own - try something new, she said, it'll be fun, she said!  So this time I was sticking to what I knew (or had heard, seen and smelt) was damn good.  Chocolate filled cinnamon donuts with raspberry sauce and honeycomb ice-cream.  

I enjoy food.  I enjoy it a lot.  But it is rare that I find something so mind-blowing and tastebud tantalising that my eyes light up and a big goofy smile forms across my face for the entire time I eat (trust me, not a great look.. especially when you're eating chocolate).  I mean the entire time.  I was making those embarrassing "oohhhhhhh my goodness this is SO good" words and the "mmmmmMMMMMm!!!" noises that go with it.  I've heard of a couple of people being a little disappointed at Devour because it's a small menu, but I think I would always manage to find something I liked there (even if it didn't give me the same… experience… as the donuts).  Everyone needs to try this place, even if it's just once!

Paesano, another spur of the moment date night.  We were out late (well, late for us - it was 8.30pm and we still hadn't had dinner - the silly season!) on a Sunday and we both had work the next day.  We were in town and took a stroll along O'Connell Street as we have done so many times before.  Not a lot of places were still serving food - but Paesano was.  It was comfortable, I had enjoyed it last time and was confident I would again… hopefully Paul would avoid spilling coffee all over himself this time, hehe. 

I stayed safe with what I knew and had the calzone I had last time - I am happy to say it held up!  I know it should be expected that when you order the same meal at the same restaurant that it would be the same, but from previous experience that's not always the case.  The service was good, we had a lovely waitress and the food (as I've said) was really good.  It's just a nice and easy place to go back to. 

Our most recent second visit was to TGI Friday's.  It's terrible how much I enjoy this place… and how much I enjoy stuffing my face with their flame grilled tasty burgers.  We'd just seen a movie in the morning at Gold Class (spoilt!) and obviously haaaaaad to go to TGI's while we were at Marion.  Their menu had changed ever so slightly, but just enough that I had to search and read descriptions of the burgers to remember which one I got, which didn't work because I really could not remember.  Regardless, I got a burger.  A bacon cheeseburger to be exact.  

I won't lie, it wasn't the over-the-top "can't talk - eating/can't put burger down because I need to eat more as soon as this mouthful is swallowed or maybe even before that" experience I had last time, but to be fair - my expectations were set pretty high.  This cheeseburger didn't have any tomato sauce on it, which was fine because there was some on the table… but you know how when they put the sauce on the bun and by the time the meal gets to you the sauce is the same temperature as the burger?  Yeah I like that, but when you put it on yourself its so noticeable and cold, it's just something I don't like.  And you can't ask them to put the sauce on because its at the table already.  

The onion rings blew my miiiiind - and went so well with the sauce that Paul got with his chicken tenderloins (oh yeah, we ordered a bit).  Paul didn't talk while he was eating his pasta and described it as "really really good" haha.  I won't lie, I didn't enjoy it as much as last time.  I'm not sure what was different, I really do think the different burger made a difference, but it doesn't really matter.  We still have vouchers for Gold Class but I think I've had my TGI fix, I'll be trying somewhere new next time!

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