Sunday, March 15, 2015

American Cupcake Diner

You know those light bulb moments?  Those moments where you’re ticking along having a nice ol’ chat and suddenly realise “….Oh” and that light just pops on?

We went out to American Cupcake Diner with a couple of friends, Jess and Matt, who had recommended it, and I quickly realised that they recommended it on very good experience.  It felt like every time I mentioned something “oh maybe I’ll get the…” it was followed by YES THAT’S AWESOME but try it with the waffle fries, or yeah it comes in a double stack, or you have to get the chilli cheese fries jumbo pack chicken sour cream mexican fiesta hat.  You get the drift.  

It did not take long for me to feel like we were noobs dining with seasoned veterans (there’s the lightbulb I mentioned earlier).  I would liken to if I was to brag to someone in Anonymous about the fact I found some guys ABN once.   Except there was no bragging just recommendations.  Perhaps not the best comparison but hopefully you catch on. 

Please don’t confuse the tone of this.  It was 10/10 RAD getting to go with people who could tell us ideas, the menu was so huge and it all looked so good and deep fried and I wanted everything all at once.  Seriously, the menu is HUGE.  Not like a yeah girl it’s totally 8 inches kind of way, but in a very true you’ll need a wheelchair type way.  I could go back there another 10 times and still not have tried half of it.  The variation of burgers, hotdogs, mexican styles and desserts was epic.  Some might say there was too much.   I wouldn’t, but there are some crazy people out there. 

They are great for vegetarians too with their vegedogs and vegepatties.  Matt we were with is a vegetarian and opted for a mexican chilli dog - I’m pretty sure that’s what this is…

I was assured it tastes better than it looks.  I had a photo of him two-hands-ing it but thought our friendship wasn’t strong enough to put that kind of thing on the world wide web yet.  Jess had a burrito which looked super tasty but was devoured before an appropriate photo opp.

I got - seriously hold onto your hats here guys - a burger.  I can hear your gasps from here, please, control yourselves.  Paul also got - yep you guessed it - a burger.  We had to keep it fried so I got cheese fries and he got onion rings to accompany the monster burgers.  The store was nearly empty so I did eat the burger with my hands and watch it slowly fall apart as I tried to eat it with increasing speed.  I know, I know, I would have eaten it that way even if the place was full but hey I felt better that no one had to see it. 

As is unfortunately standard for me, I was well past full… and then we got dessert.  A wise man once said - YOLO.

Mmmm deep fried twinkie

One more thing I will mention is - the food was not the quickest coming out.  If you’re looking for some fast food diner experience I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you’ve got some time to spend and are looking for a good burger/deep fried errthang experience, I would definitely check it out. 

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Golden Boy

Sometimes you need to go on dates with your friends.  Sometimes it’s a Friday dinner date for six, that turns into eight, that finally settles on a party of ten.  Sometimes, a few of those friends drink from 1pm before dinner… which honestly, makes dinner a whole lot more interesting.  Add two rounds of shots (as well as cocktails and a few bottles of wine) by 7.30pm and you’ve pretty much got a party.

Right, so, from the start. 

I have a severe peanut allergy (and am allergic to all other nuts as well), which always plays on my mind when going out for any kind of asian cuisine (or indian which I guess is technically asian… or just any meal because you can find nuts pretty much everywhere if you’re looking out for them), because generally speaking there’s usually quite a few dishes that contain nuts, and even if they don’t, there’s always the mixing of the pans and cross-contamination.  I’ve been turned away from a restaurant because they wouldn’t risk it.  When booking, we told the staff at Golden Boy about it, and they communicated with us, with the chef, the kitchen staff, and back to us just to cater for the one persons allergy, to make sure I would be 100% fine eating everything on that table.   It doesn’t sound like a lot but usually it’s a “yeah should be fine just remind us on the night”… and so I spend those nights with my epi pen at the ready. 

There was none of that, they made sure I was looked after, my dishes were kept away from others, prepared separately, and because it was a banquet, made sure the dishes we had (bar one or two) were nut free.  I was sold on the service before I had even gone there.  So if your date (or friend, or parent, who ever) has an allergy, they’re not going to miss out and they will be safe.  There will be no first date experience of stabbing your date with an epi pen, sorry to take some of the potential excitement out of the night for you. 

Our booking was for 6.30.  I was well aware a few of the girls attending had been drinking half the day, I wasn’t really surprised when we didn’t all arrive until 7pm.  However, as Golden Boy was so busy it meant that we couldn’t get all the dishes we were going to because there wasn’t enough time before their next booking.  We were pretty lucky they could accommodate the extra 4 people we’d sprung on them so we couldn’t complain. 

We went with the “tuk-tuk”, which is usually $58 a head but was less as we had the “mini”.  They picked out their menu favourites and served them - though they did ask us if anyone wanted anything in particular.  There was Stuffed Tomatoes, Salt & Pepper Chicken, Green Curry, a couple of whole Steamed Barramundi, Egg Net Salad, Crying Tiger, Steamed Rice, Cooling Plates and something else in there as well.  My dear lord it was a feast.  A beautiful, bright, aromatic, fresh, full flavoured plate-licking-good feast. 

Dear everyone reading this.  Go. To. Golden Boy.  Get off your chair, make your way down there right now.  Actually, maybe call first (re above: very busy), but okay get off this webpage, google their number (actually, don’t even worry about it, stay here with me, it’s 8227 0799).  The food was so damn FRESH.  I ate roasted stuffed tomatoes AND LOVED IT.  I had some egg omelette thing stuffed with a whole bunch of other stuff (technically they call it an Egg Net Salad, psh technicalities), AND LOVED IT.  I had a mouth-gasm every time I put a new dish in my mouth.  You know that feeling of being so full you couldn’t eat another bite, teamed  with oh I’m in a really nice public place so probably shouldn’t be disgusting?  Well my friend across the table from me was yelling for more shots so while everyone was distracted I ate as much as I possibly could and pretended I didn’t.

I will 10/10 be eating here again.  

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Sunday, January 26, 2014


Alright, I know we kind of go on… and on and on and on… about burgers.  We're not a burger blog, and I know every post we do is "oh my god the best burger EVER" … BUT it's not our fault.  The way I see it is, Adelaide is stepping up to the bar, the burger bar, that is.

See what I did there?

So when you've recovered from your fit of giggles at my witty humour, I need to tell you, we've found the best burgers EVER.  Everyone likes their burger a bit different I figure.  Some like that glossy, smooth bun, some like the classic sesame seed buns.  Some want a big patty that you can't fit your mouth around, some like it like a good old fashioned pub burger and some are crazy about the trendy american burgers that are taking over our city.

I don't have a preference personally, because i'm a guts and will eat anything at least once - and I won't stop if I like it!  I'm eating Honey Soy Chicken chips as I write this - I dare you to stop yourself eating those, for me its near impossible. 

I'd been hearing and seeing so much about Nordburger on Urbanspoon, Facebook, blogs and from word of mouth.  I couldn't get it out of my head, but I didn't head there right away because there really have been so many burger bars popping up around the place, I didn't really think too much of it.  If only I had known what was waiting for me on the Parade my golly I would have been there weeks sooner.

Situated on the corner of that little area of shops on the Parade - I think there's a Coles near there and diagonally across from Hoyts (I would google maps it rather than follow my incredible description) it's in a nice little spot for a nice little store.  And it is small.  Be warned, there is no toilet there.  I had to use the bathroom and the public ones were locked and I had to go pretend to be lost/looking for my friends while I went into the Cibo one across the road.  If you're not scared of potentially being told off then you'll have no worries.

Anyway, nice little store.  The place was so simple I fell in love with it.  A long bar and a few seats (which we were lucky enough to score).  You could see everything that was happening and the cooks were so methodical it was an art.  Each burger had the same amount of sauce and toppings, you knew you were going to be happy.   And it was neat.  Perfectly neat.

I got a cheeseburger, and the patty reminded me a lot of a Hungry Jack's cheeseburger, it had that delicious flame grilled flavour that just made your mouth water before during and after each bite.  Just the right amount of mustard and sauce, it was heaven in a bun (the bun was super soft but held everything together without going soggy - bliss!)

Paul had the portobello mushroom burger which surprised me, but he ate it so quickly and silently that it indicated it was just as tasty.  We shared a fries and had a milkshake each, I had strawberry and Paul had caramel.  I don't usually get milkshakes but I felt like getting wild and it was well worth it, though I assume its pretty hard to mess up flavouring and milk.

The fries were okay on their own but I would absolutely recommend getting dipping sauce with them, it just tops the whole thing off.  It takes them from a 6 to an 8 in a blink.  Did I mention Paul went and got another burger to eat on the way home too?  Because they were just so damn good, though after the milkshake I was well fine with just the one.

I haven't been back since our glorious journey about a month ago, but Paul definitely has and he gets 2 burgers every time.  It's not that they're not filling, because they are, it's because they're ridiculously good and tasty and leave you wanting more.

Paul's second burger - car edition

If you ever go there and aren't happy, you're wrong.

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Outback Jacks - Redemption Episode

A while back, we went to Outback Jacks as one of our first date nights, and we did not like it.  Well, I didn't like it.  The service was slow and the food was average and the prices too high for what you got.

However, much like Tosh.0 (google it) we believe in redemption, and went back to Outback Jacks.  Truthfully, we've been there a few times since… but we usually go to the Glenelg restaurant, not O'Connell Street.  The Glenelg Outback Jacks has been on the money awesome each time we went there (which was probably twice) so we were feeling confident about the restaurant in general (even though I'm pretty sure they're franchises but whatever).

Unfortunately, I have no good news to report.  Have you ever been to the cinemas and seen a movie that was so bad you were tempted to walk out because you didn't want to be stuck in the dark room with a terrible movie any longer?  Well, this date night was the restaurant version of that.  

It started off fine.  We walked in and got a seat very, very easily.  So easy, not because we had a reservation, but because the place had hardly any people in it.  They have table service now which is great, no more waiting in ridiculous long lines to order.  And it was super speedy ordering too because they had what looked to be 10 x too many people working.  That's cool - I'm not going to complain about fast service!  And while I'm not one to get all judgey about a restaurants decor… there's some big TVs around the place, which gave it kind of a Cafe Primo feel.  I don't have anything against Cafe Primo, but you know what I mean right?  

Anyway, Paul ordered the chicken and ribs and I got the nachos.  I didn't realise how bad nachos could be.  I counted about 4 beans, it was a thrown together mess and they used some tomato sauce that tasted metallic and sweet and just weird.  The whole thing together was just gross.  I had a few bites and then left it.  For the first time ever, I wanted to ask for my money back.  Paul's chicken and ribs was a joke.  The tiniest chicken breast steak and ribs that looked as though they were slapped on the plate with minimum preparation and apparently tasted just that way too.

It didn't leave me feeling inspired.  I didn't walk away going oh my goodness I wish I could cook a meal like that at home, or better yet, that was so amazing I don't even want to try to make that at home because it was so good I probably couldn't.  I didn't feel satisfied, I felt unclean and gross.  I know that sounds like its maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but I assure you it isn't.  It didn't taste fresh and there was no pride to the meal.  I know, I know.  I ordered nachos, how much "pride" can go into that?  But it was a world of difference at the Glenelg one.  At Glenelg it was presented neater, it tasted better, I didn't feel so scungy eating it, it made me mmm and ahhh and it made my tastebuds happy. 

Outback Jacks O'Connell Street, you and I are never, ever, ever, getting back together.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Curious Squire

It could be said that this blog as been on somewhat of a hiatus.  It's not that I haven't been thinking about it - or that we haven't been eating out, to be honest I've probably just been a bit lazy.  Anyway, during this time we have been to the Curious Squire a couple of times... 

Our first time was after Paul had picked me up from after work Friday night drinks and I had been nibbling away even though I knew we were going out for dinner… if there's tasty food in front of me it takes more self control than I have to turn it down!  So when we went there all I got was some onion rings (because I loooooove me some onion rings!)… oh.  And I got a dessert.  Of course.

Paul got a BBQ chicken pizza (which I had a slice of and it was bloody amazing) and for dessert we got a chocolate fudge sundae… each.  I didn't think anything of it really, my thoughts were more yes yum sundae uurrghh delicious I'm not even hungry but chocolate mmm.  Alarm bells should have rung when the girl taking our order confirmed with us twice that we were ordering a sundae each.  At the time, I didn't think anything of it.

When our onion rings and pizzas were done and the sundae's came out I realised "oh, these things are huge… and look at that, they each come with two spoons".  They each come with two spoons.  I guess that's why the girl wanted to be sure we were getting one each.  I mean, she could have said, just so you know they're big and usually shared between two people… but she didn't.  Instead she chose to reiterate the point she never made by having them still come out with two spoons.  Please don't read this in the wrong tone, it might sound a little mad, but I'm not at all.  We were both crying from laughter at our piggishness.  And lets be perfectly honest… if she had told us, we probably would have got one each anyway.  

So to set the scene - there we are at our table surrounded by people with a half finished pizza, drinks, finished onion rings and two biiiiiiig sundaes… and four spoons.  We looked a little part funny but I didn't care because I was in my happy place.  Surrounded by delicious food and my favourite boy. 

Our second time was on an empty stomach so I had all the more room to fill, and this time I filled it with a burger.  A cheeseburger to be exact.  A cheesy, tasty, mouthwatering, can't-talk-eating, burger.  This thing was on par with Burger Theory.  The glazed bun and the perfect patty, holy moly I loved it.  Paul had the "Sliders Trio" which was one of each angus beef, wild boar and chicken parmy.  A mans platter.  We didn't over do it this time... because after dinner we made our way down to dairy bell and had to save room!

There are so many things on the Curious Squire menu that I want to try it's a sure thing we'll be back there! 

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Burger Foundry

A long time ago a friend told us we HAD to get to Burger Foundry, and it had been one of those that had been in the back of my mind for awhile but we had never gotten to (like so many other places – Adelaide simply has too many options!)

We were both already hungry when we decided to make the move and head to Magill where Burger Foundry is, and I thought I’d better check to see if you need to make reservations (which you don’t because as I found out they mostly do take away). It was about a half hour drive for us to get to Magill so as you can imagine both our stomachs were rumbling by the time we got there. My first thought when we arrived (after driving around, up and down side streets to get a park) was no wonder you don’t need to make reservations – the place has two four seater tables and a few chairs for those waiting for their orders. I felt like such a noob for trying to make a reservation – clearly going to trendy eateries has not rubbed off on me!

It took me awhile to decide what I wanted, not because I couldn’t find something I liked the sound of… it was more that I was at that hungry point where everything looks like roast chickens dancing around and I wanted one of each burger. Eventually I decided on the Rocky Mountain High which was a house-made beef patty, mesclun greens (I still have no idea what “mesclun” is, but it looked and tasted like lettuce to me), caramelised onion, bacon and cheese (naturally, I got some tomato sauce added on there too). 

Before you read on, I would like to point out that a lot of people love this place. They get take away, they eat in, they go back again and again.

Paul ordered the Jamaican Jerk which had spicy caribbean thigh fillet chicken, mesclun greens, tomato and mango salsa.

I wasn’t impressed. We ordered and were told they had run out of fries. That’s cool, I could see the guy making the burgers and they were pretty big – we wouldn’t need the fries anyway. Then we were told it would be about a 30 minute wait. Well, we’d already paid and weren’t about to leave without trying these bloody burgers, so we waited. We went for a walk and found an amazing little Mexican street-food place which I would have rather been eating at, but shortly returned to Burger Foundry because it was cold and windy and I was wearing a dress (clever). 

While I was ever so patiently waiting for our burgers (taking care not to start chewing on my arm), I watched them at work. The guy making the burgers does every single one with such care and precision I had to appreciate it. They only had one guy grilling out the back, one putting them together and one girl (who appeared very new, quiet, and nervous) taking the orders - not that that really mattered... we all start new and nervous at some point in our lives.

So after a solid 45 minute wait, I was hungry and frustrated and when we FINALLY got our burgers what could have been a really lovely tasty experience was kind of ruined for me.   I ate in anger, which I assure you is not a pretty sight.   I was grumpy and taking bites out of this thing in my hands like it had kicked my dog (I don't actually have a dog... I'm just trying to make a point).

Hunger anger for me, unfortunately, is a common occurrence.  Perhaps not common, but its not unheard of.  My parents used to make a joke that if I was in a bad mood they just needed to throw some food at me (har har), so Paul still very much enjoyed his burger and would definitely go there again (just not with me because this experience has ruined the place for me). 

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Second the best...

I know it seems we've been slack, either not writing or not date nighting, although I'm sure there's few of you out there that couldn't blame us - the silly season will be silly! 

As much as I love using date night as an excuse to try new places and discover new foods, what's the point of finding these delicious delights if we don't get to go back because we're already off to the next place?  And I know there's 7 nights in a week so why don't we go another night you say - but all our other nights are taken already and also we don't have endless funds. 

Anyway, as it has happened towards the end of last year we had unintentionally been revisiting old favourites.  "Old" favourites being Devour Dessert Bar (their menu had changed a bit so obviously we had to get back there), Paesano and TGI Fridays.  My goodness did I have a good time!

Devour happened when we were sitting at home on a Sunday night, not hungry enough to cook dinner (or too lazy…) and I was doing what I do best, sitting at my computer browsing the internet.  Up from somewhere comes a picture of a tasty looking dessert and in a heartbeat I was out of my pyjamas and into my "I can eat as much dessert as I want because I haven't had dinner" clothes.  

If you recall our previous visit, you'll know that I tried my very first soufflĂ©… and my very last.  While I knew it was not to my liking, I also knew it was no ones fault but my own - try something new, she said, it'll be fun, she said!  So this time I was sticking to what I knew (or had heard, seen and smelt) was damn good.  Chocolate filled cinnamon donuts with raspberry sauce and honeycomb ice-cream.  

I enjoy food.  I enjoy it a lot.  But it is rare that I find something so mind-blowing and tastebud tantalising that my eyes light up and a big goofy smile forms across my face for the entire time I eat (trust me, not a great look.. especially when you're eating chocolate).  I mean the entire time.  I was making those embarrassing "oohhhhhhh my goodness this is SO good" words and the "mmmmmMMMMMm!!!" noises that go with it.  I've heard of a couple of people being a little disappointed at Devour because it's a small menu, but I think I would always manage to find something I liked there (even if it didn't give me the same… experience… as the donuts).  Everyone needs to try this place, even if it's just once!

Paesano, another spur of the moment date night.  We were out late (well, late for us - it was 8.30pm and we still hadn't had dinner - the silly season!) on a Sunday and we both had work the next day.  We were in town and took a stroll along O'Connell Street as we have done so many times before.  Not a lot of places were still serving food - but Paesano was.  It was comfortable, I had enjoyed it last time and was confident I would again… hopefully Paul would avoid spilling coffee all over himself this time, hehe. 

I stayed safe with what I knew and had the calzone I had last time - I am happy to say it held up!  I know it should be expected that when you order the same meal at the same restaurant that it would be the same, but from previous experience that's not always the case.  The service was good, we had a lovely waitress and the food (as I've said) was really good.  It's just a nice and easy place to go back to. 

Our most recent second visit was to TGI Friday's.  It's terrible how much I enjoy this place… and how much I enjoy stuffing my face with their flame grilled tasty burgers.  We'd just seen a movie in the morning at Gold Class (spoilt!) and obviously haaaaaad to go to TGI's while we were at Marion.  Their menu had changed ever so slightly, but just enough that I had to search and read descriptions of the burgers to remember which one I got, which didn't work because I really could not remember.  Regardless, I got a burger.  A bacon cheeseburger to be exact.  

I won't lie, it wasn't the over-the-top "can't talk - eating/can't put burger down because I need to eat more as soon as this mouthful is swallowed or maybe even before that" experience I had last time, but to be fair - my expectations were set pretty high.  This cheeseburger didn't have any tomato sauce on it, which was fine because there was some on the table… but you know how when they put the sauce on the bun and by the time the meal gets to you the sauce is the same temperature as the burger?  Yeah I like that, but when you put it on yourself its so noticeable and cold, it's just something I don't like.  And you can't ask them to put the sauce on because its at the table already.  

The onion rings blew my miiiiind - and went so well with the sauce that Paul got with his chicken tenderloins (oh yeah, we ordered a bit).  Paul didn't talk while he was eating his pasta and described it as "really really good" haha.  I won't lie, I didn't enjoy it as much as last time.  I'm not sure what was different, I really do think the different burger made a difference, but it doesn't really matter.  We still have vouchers for Gold Class but I think I've had my TGI fix, I'll be trying somewhere new next time!

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