Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Ruby Red Flamingo

Ruby Red Flamingo has been on my list for years.  I think.  I’m not sure how long it’s been open but it feels like it’s been beckoning to me for far too long.  Now that we’ve been there, that silent subtle beckoning has turned into a full blown stalker-like yelling.  I think about it all the time, and I’m telling you, it wants to me to go back.  Actually, maybe I’m the one with the stalker vibes.  

If you know me, you probably know how much I love Golden Boy, and suggest it for any birthday, anniversary, Friday, Saturday… any day.  Thankfully, Golden Boy and RRF are at different ends of the date night world, otherwise there would be some stiff competition.  Golden Boy is the forever fun friend who shouts for more food, shots, conversations, and is generally a wild clang of activity (in the best way imaginable), RRF is a warm, strong embrace on a cold night that just wants to hold you.  It is the perfect date night destination.

I’m glad we saved RRF for a celebratory date night, because it gave us an excuse to go all out.  What’s wrong with 2 serves of bread, 2 entrees and 3 mains between 2 people?  Nothing.  We did go to the bakery afterwards though, so I will accept some judgement on that.

It filled up about 20 minutes after this - we were there as soon as it opened!
We started with the Manzo Tonnato which was thinly sliced scotch fillet with tuna sauce and little hidden tuna nuggets.  This was 100% out of my comfort zone, and tasted 100% like tuna.  I’m glad I gave it a go, but it just wasn’t my thing.  If you’re a big tuna fan, this one is for you.  Contrary to that, Paul isn’t much of a tuna eater, and he absolutely loved this dish.  So basically, surprise yourself. 

We obviously had to get a pasta, and we finally decided on the Cappellacci, which is a tumeric infused pasta filled with spinach, pumpkin, gorgonzola with leek veloute sauce and a touch of sticky balsamic (I’m reading this from their website - as if I could remember that without cheating).  It tasted like heaven.  It was the most melt in your mouth plate of incredible that I’d ever eaten and I had to genuinely hold myself back from picking up the plate and licking it.  It was at this point that they bought us more bread because they could see us desperately scraping up all the sauce.  I wasn’t even embarrassed.  If you could eat a melody I’m pretty sure that’s what this would taste like. 

The second main I unfortunately couldn’t find a technical description of, but it was a saffron veal osso bucco risotto.  I’m a sucker for a rice dish, and this did not disappoint.  The only disappointing thing about it was that I had to share it.  Paul and I were subtly trying to scrape more and more onto our own plates, and it very nearly turned into a firm discussion about who chose the risotto and therefore should get more of it.  A bullshit argument, but it was desperate times.  I went full Nigella eating this dish, and while I’m ready to string together very suggestive sentences of how this food made me feel, I won’t, because it might make people uncomfortable.

In saying all that about both of these meals, as amazing as they were, they were equally as rich.  I’m glad we went halves in both because I don’t know that I could eat a whole plate of just one.  It  worked out perfect for us because I always end up looking longingly at Paul’s meal until he lets me eat some, so this way I didn’t have to bother making eyes, I could just go right along and take it. 

I mentioned three mains.  The third dish was slow cooked beef cheeks.  Now, I’m not really a fan of beef cheek because it’s flavour is so strong and just down right meaty, but I feel like if you were a fan you’d go to town on these.  Paul hadn't tried them before and figured that if he was going to try them, this would be the place to do it.  They were fall off the fork kind of tender and everything that you would want in a cut of meat like that.  I assume.

All in all, Ruby Red Flamingo is now the equal love of my life with Golden Boy.  Paul understands that he comes a very close third.  I know he understands because on Valentine’s Day he went to the O’Connell Street bakery and got me my favourite baked goods, because what better to say I love you than with tasty treats?  Which is the exact reason you should be at Ruby Red, now. 

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Sunday, May 29, 2016

American Delights

Recently we travelled to a little place you may have heard of, the United States of America.  Land of fried food, sugary alcohol and an obesity epidemic…  Basically, the perfect travel destination for us.

I had stalked Instagram relentlessly searching for the “must eats” of our destinations, and I’ll tell you what, sometimes it really pays off.  But for those of you who don’t feel like scrolling through Instagram for hours trying every possible combination of “boulderfoodie” or “sanfraneats”, you can just read below for a little run down of our favourites.

San Francisco

Tony’s Pizza - if you ever go to San Francisco, you must eat here.  Actually, if you’re not going to San Francisco, go there, just for this.  It was the best carbonara that I have ever had the luck to eat, and I’ve sampled many a carbonara.  Simply creamy, bacony perfection.  Known mostly for their pizza, with a pizza shop next door, obviously we sampled one of these too.  The menu categorises the pizzas by which degree oven they’re cooked in and damn if that legit wood oven flavour doesn’t get a party started in your mouth.  It was my favourite place we ate our entire trip.  On a Monday at 6pm in off-peak season we waited half an hour to be seated, it will be worth every minute you wait though!

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Mr Holmes Bakehouse - the glorious pastries this place produces had been running around in my mind since I found their Instagram.  With a fun little slogan and glossy, crunchy goodies, this was an absolute must on my list.  I forced Paul up at 6.30am before a day tour so we could make it for open time and buy the shop up.  Slight draw back for those of us with nut allergies - 90% of the goods are made with almond meal (WHY?!?), and I’m pretty sure there would be a 90% chance of cross contamination for those made without the nuts.  Obviously, I risked it, and the pay off was worth it.  Paul ate the other 5 shiny pastry yummies and, while he tried to downplay how good they were for my benefit, the fact that he ate 5 pasties in 2 days speaks for itself. 

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Boulder, Colorado

Centro Latin Kitchen - Firstly, if you ever travel to Boulder and are not used to higher altitude, and order alcohol, you will get drunk very quickly.  It’s the altitude, not you.  I wish I had someone to tell me this when I was giggling like a child after one (very strong) fruity margarita.  The food here was incredible.  This was the start of a mexican food adventure (I got nachos every second day, easily) and the first place we discovered that everywhere makes their own corn chips!  They are way better than the ones at home, and though it’s probably not actually “authentic”, it feels like it is so what difference does it make?  The food was pretty spicy, I would take a few corn chips between each bite so I could feel in the inside of my mouth for a little while before I burnt it off again.  Worth it.

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The Kitchen - This place was a wee bit fancier than what we would usually go to, but by this point (6 days in) we were desperate for vegetables, and we were willing to pay $30 for them… with some steak.  We tried ox tail, which I never would have ordered but hey when in Boulder.  It just tasted like the most tender piece of meat you could try to sink your fork into (seriously, couldn’t even fork it, it just fell right off).

Sundance Cafe - Set about 14 miles out of Boulder into the mountains, for breathtaking views and wicked nachos, this place is a must.  The snow capped mountain backdrop looked fake, our waitress seemed to genuinely love her life and the food was really cheap.  It was recommended by a Boulder-ian, and sold to us as a locals knowledge kind of place.  Sure enough, we were the token tourists until a couple of others showed up when we were getting ready to leave.  If you have the means to get there, I would definitely recommend a visit.

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Shake Shack - If you’re in Adelaide and have been to Nordburger and know how f*cking perfect it is, or read this blog enough to know how much I love Nordburger, you should go here.  It’s basically Nordburger with more alcohol and strawberry lemonade.  This place is just on the strip, very central and easy to find.

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Boiler Room - We were unfortunately rushed here because we had a show to get to but the service was awesome and made sure we got our meals really quick and got our bill sorted toot sweet.  We both ordered meals off the specials menu, Paul the roast tomato and prawn linguine, and I got the korean fries.  They were both delicious, mine was super weird but I was into it.  It was fries, as promised, with korean beef, a special spicy sauce, egg, spring onion and bacon.  I would love to eat here again, their menu is awesome.

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San Diego 

Hope 46 - This was our hotel’s restaurant and we ate here arguably way too much.  I think three meals, and considering we had 2 nights in San Diego… yeah.  The food was so tasty, for one dinner I had this steak/bean/chargrilled vegetable/bacon plate of amazing.  It was also awesome for sitting by the pool with cocktails and tatertots.  It’s a bit far from the Gaslamp Quarter which I know is where most people head, but if you do wander just north of the Zoo, The Lafayette Hotel with Hope 46 is worth a visit.

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Red Fox Steakhouse and Piano Bar - this restaurant is out the front of Lafayette and is incredible value for money.  I wouldn’t have a clue what it looked like during the day, or even with the lights on, because the dim mood lighting is so dim you had to imagine everything.  There was a man playing piano and a woman singing all the time we were there, and it was beautiful.  The food was delicious, we both had a steak with a baked potato, mushrooms, vegetables and a salad with a drink each and it came to about $60.

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Carnita’s Snack Shack - a recommendation from a man at the desk, Carnita’s was a hidden gem.  You order at the front and then head around the back to sit and have your meals.  I got a steak sandwich and Paul had pulled pork, and we shared some of those house made corn chips with guac that America loves so much.  I felt like I needed to be a bit trendier to be eating there, it definitely wasn’t a tourist spot (#livinglocal), and man was it tasty!

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Coco’s - Ah, Coco’s.  Besides Disneyland, this is the only place we ate.  When we first got to Anaheim we had lunch here and come dinner we made the mistake of not going back here.  But it was okay, because we popped in for a second dinner both days after Disney.  They have award winning pie, and we can both testify that it is worthy of the awards.  Actual meal food wise we weren’t expecting much but I was happy with everything I got there, from grilled chicken & rice to chicken pizza, it was all round delicious.

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Cabo Wabo - this place is set back from Hollywood Boulevard but still right in the action.  I got a couple of strong cocktails and the best damn fajitas I’ve ever had.  Look at this DIY perfection.  It was ridiculously filling and ridiculously tasty.  Would 10/10 recommend the sizzling fajitas.  I can’t remember what Paul had, pretty sure I didn’t look up from my meal at all to see what his even looked like.

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Heavenly - It was SO hard to find a decent brunch.  Breakfast/brunch is everywhere in Adelaide, it’s an explosion of breakfast food, but in America… It was too hard.  Everywhere was eggs and potatoes, or pancakes with a thick vanilla drizzle, which is great for the first week... and that's all.  I would have knocked an old lady over to get my hands on some smashed avocado on sourdough.  BUT finally, on our second to last day we found Heavenly, with their food that satisfies the soul.  I had my first ever breakfast smoothie bowl and Paul got his poached eggs (the first of the trip that were actually runny) and we got green juices.  You’re welcome, body.

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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Chuck Wagon

With Adelaide’s heavy burger scene, and with what feels like endless options, Chuck Wagon definitely stands out, not only for the Americana food but the distinct look it’s created for itself.  Even before you walk in, your eyes are treated to a barrage of superhero/fandom statues, drawings, pictures and posters from the ground to the ceiling, literally.  As well as coming for food and/or a hefty milkshake, there are sights to behold.  I didn't take photos so you'll have to go look for yourselves... or google it.

In truth, we’ve been to Chuck Wagon a few times, and by we, I mean I had been once before and Paul has to hold himself back from going every week.  Paul has a friend who got him (us, totally us) a voucher for Chuck Wagon and needing no convincing, we were on our way (thanks Amanda!).  

The menu is so vast I was in a daze when it came to order.  Last time I was in this situation I had people to guide me through it.  And it’s easy when you know what you feel like, but seriously, 18 burgers to choose from, or wings, hot dogs, pizza fries, nachos, sides or how about one of their 11 different desserts on offer?  I mean come ON.  I am so indecisive with food, my FOMO is real.

The onion rings were obviously a goer, there was no question on that one.  I had already checked them out on Instagram and they looked all kinds of deep fried crunchy.  And Paul’s go to is sweet potato fries, so sides were sorted before we even got there.  I thought I was going to get the royale with cheese, I was sure of it, pretty much until we ordered and then out of my mouth came grilled cajun chicken.  Paul was having withdrawals from his favourite and ordered the Piglet.

The onion rings - guys - they are the best flipping rings I’ve had.  They’re not battered, but crumbed.  Delicious and crispy and just URGH perfect.  I swear they double coat them or double fry.  There’s some kind of extra trick to their trade.  Sweet potato fries also delicious.  But the onion rings.  Cake taken.  

These burgers were huge.  I was stuck in a mess because my burger was SO juicy that I wanted to put it down to clean up my covered hands, but because I had two hands-ed it everything dripped and the plate was literally wet, I thought I was going to look up and see some kids eating corn on the roof.  I would seriously consider asking for a side plate next time, one to eat over and one to put the burger down on when you need a time out.  

While the taste factor was incredible, I won’t lie, these aren’t my favourite burgers.  They were big, messy, and the bun went soggy.  I prefer that kind of smaller, less is more type that is going around at places like Nordburger and Burger Boss, but the Chuck Wagon burgers are the ones for Paul.  I will definitely go back to Chuck Wagon to try some of the pizza fries on offer, or the mac and cheese (with bacon) or even some ribs. 

Exciting news though - I’ve created my perfect trifecta.  Chuck Wagon onion rings, Nordburger burger, and Burger Boss special fries.  Now if these guys could get together and either open a shop together or open some near each other so I can collect my goods without the others getting cold, that would really help a gal out.  

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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lucky Lupitas

News that devastated southern Adelaide, particularly Flinders Uni students (from what I hear) was the same news that made my stomach sing.  Lucky Lupitas was coming to my end of town, albeit, for a limited time only.  I’d heard of this place time and time again, so when those mexican delights were dangled in my reach, we hot footed our way there.  

Their temporary restaurant is on O’Connell street, but as soon as you walk through that door you could not be taken further away.  They’ve gone for the warehouse feel and have nailed it.  From the high beamed ceiling, to the ply wood tables and benches, right down to the copious stocks of tomatoes, tequila and beer on the restaurant floor.  It was a very different look and vibe from any other place I had been on O’Connell and I loved it.

Recently I saw a movie that immediately became my all-time favourite.  It’s called Chef, and it was the most upbeat, feel good, food porn frenzy of a movie I have ever seen.  It’s filled with a build up and background of cuban music that just makes you want to move.  It was also filled with food.  So much food.  Two days later I walked into Lucky Lupitas and they were playing tunes so similar that I didn’t stand a chance, I was smitten.  All the feelings that incredible film gave me transferred to this restaurant that I had been waiting for.

The Elote (grilled corn on the cob) was hands down the best damn corn I have ever had.  All warm and grilled to perfection, covered in cheese, maaaaaan.  I took one bite and pretty sure I blacked out for a second, because all of a sudden it was all gone.  If we hadn’t already ordered a stack of other food I would have asked for more.

We then went for the taco de pollo (slow cooked chicken and slaw) and taco de carne (braised beef).  These we shared, but I liked the beef better and Paul preferred the chicken, so it ended up more of a 70-30 split for each.  Which by the way, is a really difficult split to do when you’ve been handing back and forth packed to the brim, juicy tacos.  If anyone knows of a “clean” way to eat tacos, could you please let me know?  Because I ended up with a fallen apart taco all over my plate/the table, and my hands covered in juices (yes, I read that sentence, and yes, I’m sticking by it because I can’t think of another way to describe it).  

taco de pollo
taco de carne
I had heard of many a great burger here, which was intriguing.  It made me wonder what a mexican burger tastes like?  I was expecting a tex mex kind of thing with maybe corn chips and guac or something on there, like when you order a mexican schnitzel, but this burger had a bit of chilli powder, a bit of cumin, and a whole lot of something else that I couldn’t be more specific about.  It was really tasty, but not my kind of personal taste.  Whatever, it was half a burger and you know damn well I ate my whole half.  

Last but certainly not least was the quesadilla de hongo y frijoles.  That’s basically a mushroom quesadilla for those of you playing at home.  Unluckily for us, it was the last thing to come out so I was absolutely stuffed by the time we got to it.  I ate it, obviously, but it was a bit of a struggle.  Mushrooms are kind of a new thing for me, I’ve only introduced them to my stomach in the last 6 months or so.  Just one of those things that as a kid I hated and never gave them another go… but I’m glad I changed my tune.  Like everything else that Lucky Lupitas provided, the quesadilla was so full of flavour!  Every bite you could taste everything together and everything individually too.  The jalapenos in it proved a little much for me, my mouth was on fire, but like a superstar I pushed through.  10/10 would eat again.

Aside from the food, the service was stellar.  Our waiter seemed genuinely happy to have a chat with us, and all the staff were attentive.  To top it all off, it was incredibly priced.  We had all food mentioned, plus some rice and a drink each for $62.  For me, it without doubt lived up to the hype.

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Burger Boss

Here’s a New Year’s Resolution from me to you.  I will bring one post a month to the table.  I struggle writing this blog, I just don’t make the time for it like I used to, but one thing hasn’t changed - I love food. 

I was thinking of starting this post how the rest of them usually go.. “This isn’t just a burger blog.. BUT”.  You know what though?  No reasoning.  I just really fucking love burgers.  I love everything about them.  They fall under one umbrella of “burger”, but shit, have you ever sat down and really thought about just how diverse the burger is?  There’s something for everyone (except the gluten intolerant… sorry guys (though I’m pretty sure most joints will help you out too)).  Chicken?  No worries.  Spicy?  No worries.  Vegetarian?  Noooo worries.  Double meat, extra cheese, hold the onion, add a hash brown?  No. Worries.  They’re a beautiful, delicious, mood-curing, two-hands-to-understand ball of happiness.  So here, have another post about a damn burger.

I have a friend named Jess, and I respect her food opinion a lot, I really don’t doubt a suggestion she makes.  So when she suggested Burger Boss all it took was teeing up a time.  We were going to be cute and double date night with our partners, but decided we were pretty damn cute on our own, and so we made our way to Burger Boss on Boxing Day.  Luckily the place was actually open (we didn’t think the public holiday thing through much), and took a comfy seat in the red and yellow diner.  

There’s pretty much no better time to get around some cheesed up fries and burgers than just before 1 January.  That’s what the week between Christmas and New Years is all about isn’t it?  Getting as many calories into your body as possible until you feel the pressure (from both society and your now figure hugging clothes) and have to start being healthy?  Yeah, nailed it.  

Their motto?  Eat Like a Boss.  That may just be a motto I take with me for the rest of my life.  Jess said we had to get the Boss Fries, then she opted for the vegetarian Boss Single and I got the Standard Single.  Just FYI, their vegetarian burger replaces the meat with not a veggie patty, not a mushroom, but two freaking hash browns.   TWO HASH BROWNS.  

The boss fries - cheese, caramelised onion and secret sauce.  Secret sauce that tastes exactly like big mac sauce.  Shhhhhiiiiit.  I asked if we should order a fries each and both the man serving us and Jess said “no, definitely not”.  My god, I was excited.  

If I went again I would get the Boss Single because it would be like having the boss fries but on the burger.  It’s 2.0.  In saying that, you could just have a DIY party and put the fries on the burger yourself… But you get what I’m saying.  The fries were so good I would consider going back just for those.  The burger was extremely tasty.  

Not quite as (I’m going to say the word everyone has something against) moist as a few other burgers I’ve had - like at Nordburger and Burgastromony - there was no juices dripping out of the patty and running down my hands, but I’m in no way saying that in a bad way.  It was good clean fun.  The bun was soft, the lettuce was crisp, and I was very, very happy eating it.  

Jess said they’re pretty much the same as In n Out Burger, and while I’ve never had it, if I’m judging a book by its cover I would be inclined to believe her.  Why would Jess lie?  She’s an angel and knows that we never, ever tell tales about food.  

If you like burgers, like era diners, and love fries, get yourself to Burger Boss.  Now.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Jamie's Italian

It was a Friday night, we made an online “reservation” for in 70-80 minutes (which was about 6.30 - we had met straight from work), sat and had a couple of pre dinner drinks until 6.30, and that counted as a “walk in”.  Perfect.

You know what they say about location, location, location - Jamie’s nailed it.  The old bank building is just stunning.  The super high ceilings, big antipasto station (that’s right – an entire station dedicated to it - actually that's where they do the desserts too), mood lighting, an open kitchen to have a sneak peak at the chefs, and a less obvious but very, very important feature - the prison-bar toilets that were previously the bank vaults.

If you’re not already sold here’s a hot conversation piece for you - Kim and Kayne dined there and apparently one of them was very rude and difficult and it was not Kayne.  Feel free to use that one to fill a conversation void/win over your date with some Kardashian knowledge.  Don't blame me if it goes the other way for you though.  

We were seated as soon as we got in and being there on a Friday night in the comfy romantic, dim lighting with a male friend we got asked “so are you celebrating anything tonight?”  Fair question.  Apparently “yeah, he’s leaving” was not the best answer.  To clarify, we weren’t celebrating his soon coming six-month hiatus from Adelaide, but I panicked. 

Andy had been to Jamie’s twice already so he took the reins.  We ordered three items from the “Plates” menu and an entree sized pasta dish each.  If I’d ordered a main pasta I probably would have finished it, just hated myself after… It was a tough call because I’m pretty sure it would have been worth it.   We started with the Italian Bread Selection - which is a must do.  It’s a great little starter with a selection of three different breads and olive oil/balsamic and for $1.50, your wallet and taste buds are winning.

From the Plates (not Planks - which I will be trying next time I’m there) menu we shared the Sweet Mini Capsicums, Fried Three-Cheese Gnocchi and Crispy Squid.  I thought Andy was exaggerating when he said the squid was the best he has ever had, but after I had that melt in your mouth deliciousness, I had to agree that it’s definitely up there.  Personally (and totally personally because Andy loved them) didn’t particularly rate the mini capsicums, but I’m not a huge ricotta fan so I wouldn’t listen to me.  The Gnocchi – oh my lord.  Cheesy, with a tomato relish-type sauce, crunchy on the outside but so soft once you’d broken that crisp barrier.  I found it difficult to share those.  

The service was brilliant.  They were on the ball the entire time we were there, even when all their tables were full and the line to be seated was at the door, our drinks and food were coming out at an ideal pace, nothing was rushed and nothing lagged.

After hearing again and again about the daily made pasta, I obviously couldn’t go past a pasta dish for my main.  As a kid, I loved prawns.  As an adult, I didn’t.  Actually, it was probably the moment I had to start peeling them myself that I stopped eating them.  Anyway, I had tried them again and remembered why I used to chow down on them so much, so here I got the prawn linguine.  It did not disappoint.  My general aversion to seafood is that "fishy" taste that can sometimes go through a meal, I know it sounds weird because why would I buy a fish dish if I don't want the fishy taste, but I hope someone out there gets what I mean.  Anyway, it was definitely a comfort food.  It made me warm.  While it was just a tad salty for my liking, it was a decent sized bowl of flavoursome goodness. 

For our three Plates, two entrĂ©e pastas and two beers it came to around $80, which with the service, atmosphere and quality/amount of food, we definitely paid a more than reasonable price.  Without a doubt I will be returning.

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Hereford Beefstouw

I hadn’t heard of A Hereford Beefstouw, ever.  I feel like I’ve eaten at/heard of a lot of places, but as I’m finding out I have barely skimmed the surface.  It makes me really appreciate Adelaide.  I just love food, I love that we have so much of it.  

Facebook showed me the way here, advertising a lunch special - 2 for 1 cheeseburgers.  Obviously I was making that happen.  It was a picture perfect, sunny warm day with a light breeze so just when you were getting a bit too heated mother nature was there to cool you on down… so we sat outside on the crafty wooden chairs at the heavy wooden table and basked.  And basked some more.  And then got so hungry our conversation ended and would re-start with “oh my god I’m so hungry”.  As is standard.  Obviously, our meals eventually made their way out to us, and it really wasn’t a long wait, but my stomach had already making noise for a couple of hours before lunch.  

….Moving on. 

You know those people that just load everything with tomato sauce?  Just pile it on up with no regard for whether anyone else wants the sauce because that amount of sauce is just what’s necessary for your meal?  And without fail, there’s always a father figure somewhere nearby that has to remark “did you want any food with your sauce” and chuckles.  My life, guys.  I seriously butter up some toast and then put tomato sauce on it.  For a long time I didn’t know what a condiment was - tomato sauce was just part of the meal, right?

My point is.  Hereford do not have sauce on their cheeseburgers.  I KNOW RIGHT!!!  Of all the burgers, you would think the cheeseburger is the one with the sauce.  And here’s the big news - it was so good, I didn’t even ask for it.  Actually, they just gave us some anyway on the side with our house-made fries (which were crunchy and soft in all the right places, by the way) and I didn’t add it.  The burger held it’s own.  It was luscious and juicy and didn’t start falling apart till right near the end.  The bun still didn’t get soggy.  

The sauce they did have - now that was a secret sauce.  When my Mum eats out somewhere and has something she really likes, she has a habit of deconstructing it as she eats it so she can attempt to create it at home (something she absolutely nails, might I add).  I was wishing she was there to try and work this puzzle piece sauce out.  It was creamy and zingy and seemed like it might of had a bit of ahhhh something you know that ummm kind of tasted like…  That was me not being able to work it out at all.  Anyway, we asked the chef because even Paul was wanting to know (did I ever mention he found a recipe for Big Mac sauce and it tastes exactly like it?  Form a line, ladies!) and were very surprised the ingredients in it made such a delectable, oozy goodness.

If you want to know those secret ingredients, I suggest you get your butts into that fancy establishment (eating the burger with your hands is still acceptable - not that fancy) and try it.  Unfortunately they only do the burgers Monday - Friday on their lunch menu, but as the name would suggest, they specialise in steak, steak, steak for all those other times. 

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