Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fishtail Buffet and Restaurant

After my spill in the last post about how buffets are good but I'd rather pay good money for one good meal rather than choosing from a whole bunch of different meals…  Guess what we did.

It was completely unintentional, well, not completely.  But we didn't realise that buffet was our only option and by the time we realised it was too late!  It was one of those nights where we walk around O'Connell Street and try to decide where we feel like eating.  Of all the glorious places on O'Connell Street we found our way to the Chinese buffet.  Don't judge!  

The place has recently been renovated or taken over or something of the like and were having their "grand opening".  Shame they did it on a finals weekend when Crows had a home game!  Out the front there was a board that had what I had assumed was the menu.  I assumed correctly but in the wrong way.  It listed all the meal options (without prices next to them) and had a buffet price.  The way it was set out made me think that we could have the buffet or one of the things listed.  Incorrect.  

It was a weird buffet, I would call it a westernised Chinese buffet with some Indian dishes too.  Because that's exactly what it was.  There was a bar marked "entree" which held your soups, salt and pepper squid, spring rolls and of course fries!  Soggy, saltless fries.   The bar marked "mains" held the classics to the likes of honey chicken, lemon chicken, some beef dish that I always see on menus but now cannot remember the name of, fried rice, butter chicken, lamb korma - the usuals!

 I wasn't actually as excited as I look...

To be honest, while the place looked amazing, the food was not anything to call home about.  It was overpriced for what I could stomach (although if you're a biiiiiiig eater then you'd probably get your money's worth!) and I left feeling full and a little sick.  The food didn't sit great with Paul either.  

Overall, I would go back to the Walker's Arms buffet before I went back to Fishtail because Walker's Arms is cheaper and… well the food (in my opinion) is better!

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