Saturday, May 5, 2012


There's something nice about getting fancy pants on for a date night.  There's not many places we go that I will put on a pair of heels and not think that I'm probably over dressed. 

Paul's brother's fiancé, Jenna, suggested Shiki, and having been there for a previous work function, I could not wait to get there again. We booked a date and boom, double date night was on.

Because of the semi circle type tables for the plate the chef's cook on, we had another 6 people on the table with us. A couple of couples I will dub as "normal", one man, and one drunken loud mess of a wife who, throughout the evening, slammed her hands down and put her head on the table like a child while exclaiming that "she was on weight watchers".  She was definitely good for a laugh (at her expense). It didn't stop, and it got worse the more she drank (someone should have told her that wine counts as calories as well).  Seriously, the whole time we were there, which was a few hours, it just didn't stop. She would eat and eat and then be like nooooo i'm on weight watchers *throws tantrum like a 3 year old*.  It really was a good laugh, amazing, and must have been embarrassing for the guy that she was with (though to be honest he didn't seem that phased… it may have been regular behaviour).  I'm not being a hater I promise, it was just a funny, dominant part of our Shiki experience that I need to share.

So - back to why we were there. Food. I mentioned first up that I'm allergic to nuts and they quickly switched the little three sauce holder dish to one that wasn't going to kill me (always appreciated) and we were looking at the menus. For entree Paul braved crocodile (which he said tasted like squid) 

and I went some kind of delicious garlic beef.  

Jenna and Jamie had sashimi. I had tried sashimi before and I was not a fan, but Paul gave it a go and really enjoyed it. He said it didn't taste like he would expect raw fish to taste (it didn't taste "fishy"). Mains was were the party got started on the plates and we got a bit of flames thrown in for us so we could get a photo:

It was definitely a good time watching our food be prepared. The ingredients they were using seemed so minimal and simple, but everything tasted like so much more than what it was. Because everything was being cooked after we finished our entrees by the time the mains were ready I was super hungry all over again. We each had different types of fried rice, from garlic to chicken to vegetarian and it was awesome seeing the same starter ingredients and how just a couple were altered to create the different three. It kind of reminded me of the pokemon Eevee (the one that can evolve into 3 different pokemon… anyway).

We moved to a different table for dessert/coffee and eventually made our way outside. We stayed outside for a little while because we had one of those goodbyes that kept turning into conversation each time, and only left when it started to rain on us.  Double date night, excellent.

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