Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nonna's Kitchen

Scoopon city, once again.

We made our way up to Mt Barker for some "authentic italian" at Nonna's Kitchen.   Paul gets his tattoo's done at Frontyard Tattoo in Mt Barker, and last time I had gone with him on a Sunday I was walking around and happen to stumble upon Nonna's Kitchen.  With an excited little thought "oohhh that's where we're date nighting!" and gave the place a quick once over :)

Lucky I had stumbled upon it because I knew exactly where to direct Paul once we were in that fine town.  It was 7pm on a warm Saturday, I was expecting the place to be busy, but it wasn't in the slightest.  There was a table of 3 out the front (I assume one of the guys worked there/owned it because he gave us the "how's it goin? as we walked in) and a couple inside.  I like it when it's quiet.  The waitresses are less rushed and more relaxed, not busy trying to get from one table to the next and back to the kitchen then back out again then greeting people… you get the jist.  

Inside was gorgeous.  Lots of wooden tables and just simple.  Tables and chairs and a fireplace and a fridge with desserts.

With our scoopon we could get 2 drinks, garlic or chilli cheese bread and 2 pasta dishes.  We got our menu and reading it (the non pasta dishes especially) made my mouth water.   It was hard to keep my eyes on the pastas!  

There was a delicious creamy white wine sauce one with chicken and bacon and mushroom that I definitely couldn't go past

and Paul's… well I didn't try any and I just asked him to explain what it had in it and I got a "it was tomato-y and had chicken in it"… but I hear it was delicious. 

Lets just say, going from fasta pasta to this… there is no comparison.  I'm not italian and haven't had "authentic" italian to my knowledge… but I think this had it pretty right.  It tasted so fresh.  I really don't know how to explain it better than that.  The meal blew my mind, I couldn't talk because I was so busy eating and had to mentally pull myself back from stuffing myself too much.  Paul cleaned his plate up :) (and look how happy he was about it!)

There's no dessert "menu" but there is an assortment of cakes and the like in the fridge at the counter.  I would love to come back here for a non-scoopon date night to try some of the other food on their menu.  If there pasta was that good I can't even imagine how good their other stuff would be.  And the pizza smelt amazing.  

After Nonna's Kitchen it was still early so we heading down to Glenelg for ice cream.  It was packed and Paul wanted Boost Juice.  There was a new boost I wanted to try.  I had it.  I was too full for ice-cream.  So Boost Juice + hot weather + big crowds + super full belly after ridiculously delicious meal = end of date night.

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