Saturday, April 28, 2012


Before this place we were up to 46 date nights… I think on our 52nd date night I would like to go somewhere special… Just to celebrate a years worth of date nights :) but really, they're all special (naww lame!).

So we kicked it off at Paesano. A place below Outback Jacks and in the same complex as Top Tai, previous date night venues :). For those of you following at home, yes this was another O'Connell Street date night, what of it?!

It smelt like shortly there would be a party in my mouth. Looking through their menu I noticed nothing came with fries, even the parmi came with mashed potato. I liked that, I liked it a lot. They also had a "fat blaster" item on their menu which was lemon chicken, steamed rice and steamed veggies. I didn't get it, but I appreciated that they had it.

I wanted to try something I had never had before… Calzone. I have seen it be had, I'd heard all about them. It was time to try. Paul had Pollo, which was chicken, red grapes, red onion, fetta and rocket… He's better at trying new things than I am haha.

When the lady serving our table brought over our knives and forks, she seemed a bit… awkward. It was a funny awkward, but awkward nonetheless. She had to lean over Paul to put his knife and fork on his napkin, and they just wouldn't go straight (we were next to the wall so she couldn't go on the other side) and she couldn't reach properly but was trying not to lean over at the same time and kept kind of flicking them. it doesn't sound hilarious now… but it definitely was. 

Anyway, garlic bread was top notch. And came out really quickly. As did our meals which was great because we were both starving. 

Calzone was... different, but super tasty. There was no bolognese sauce on it like I was expecting, there was a house made mayonnaise which was amazing and not overpowering. The inside didn't have a sauce, but sun dried tomatoes, chicken, mushroom (which I actually ate), red onion and cheese. The cheese was kind of to one side so I considered it "optional" which is always good. 

I hear the chicken pollo was pretty tasty too, It looked great. Really saucy and colourful. I'm not particularly a fan of rocket, but paul cleared the plate.

Paul likes a mocha to finish off his date nights. Unfortunately, tonight he spilt half of it all over his top, the table, his pants aaaand the floor. It was the funniest thing and a great way (for me) to bring in date night for the new year! 

All up, for two soft drinks, garlic bread, two mains and one coffee, it came to about $70. Pretty good I think!

Then it was home time to curl up and watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (we're making our way through the movies) and Jersey Shore :)

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  1. Love it that you often seem to attract an odd waiter/waitress!

  2. I've never heard of a calzone without bolognaise....not sure I could do it.

  3. Mel we attract people like us I think haha!