Saturday, May 19, 2012

General Havelock Hotel

Tonight was a new kind of experience for Paul and I. We spoke about it and it was going to be okay for both of us. We agreed on the girl. Tonight was our first threesome.

First threesome date night, that is.

A friend from work was having her birthday at the Havelock, so another girl from work, Kathy, joined Paul & I for date night dinner.  The last time I had been to the Havelock for a meal I had a schnitzel. A bloody good one at that. However, that last time was on my friends 18th birthday, could the Havvy Schnitty still be tip top after 4 years?

After a quick after work outfit change in the car on Hutt Street across from the Havelock (I try my best to stay classy), we were on our way in for an early 6.30pm dinner. 

Little did I know that the Havelock actually had a huge variety on their menu, a lot "different" stuff that I wouldn't have thought a typical pub would have on offer (ilke Soy Plum Kangaroo Fillet and Moroccan Lamb & Cous Cous Salad). So when it came to choose it turned out I had a lot more options than a schnitzel.  It was tough, my mind was boggled with what I had promised myself and the options I had in front of me.  What if I see a schnitzel going past and I regret not getting one?? As you can probably tell, what to eat being my biggest problem I've got a pretty good little life happening. 

Anyway, the hard decision was made. Chicken schnitzel with bacon, bbq sauce and cheese. Holla. Full bacon rashers too, none of that "bacon pieces" stuff, real meat thank you!

My friend from work had also decided before we got there what she was having so that made things easy (Salt & Pepper Tofu fyi). Paul had the Lemon Oregano & Garlic Chicken which looked and smelt too good. Paul had a try of the s&p tofu but I wasn't game enough. One day.

The S&P Tofu, for future reference, didn't come with a dipping sauce and apparently needed it (along with some more salt and pepper, white pepper).  But apparently was overall fair good.  And as far as the schnitzel went, it still held up.

After our meals it was onto drinks upstairs and a fairly early night because it was my cousins wedding the next day and I did not want to be any sort of tired for that :)

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