Saturday, May 26, 2012

Delicious Desserts

Dessert date night.

So we got a .. a… aaaaaa SCOOPON for Delicious Desserts entitling us to two desserts and two hot drinks.

We spoilt ourselves just a little this particular date night. We didn't have a home cooked/freezer meal, we went out for dinner as well. Our favourite indian place, Tandoori Temptations, was on the cards for an early dinner. 

By favourite I mean we go there nearly every week, and preeeeetty much order the same thing each time too. Well I definitely do. But it's gotten to the point where we sit down and they ask us if we want the usual. I've had this experience with places that you might get a morning coffee at… But dinner? It was a sure sign of just how much we frequent there. But I don't even care because it's nothing short of mind blowing every single time.  And because we go there so much it doesn't count as date night. 

Anyway, early dinner so that we could be full then just the right amount of empty before our date night dessert.  Delicious Desserts is hidden in the back of Cold Rock on O'Connell Street (another tick off that list) which is a little bit of a strange set up but it works. 

When we first went in I saw the fridge case window thing with all different cakes and got excited but a little bit awww because I thought we got more of a choice of "desserts" rather than cakes. I was wrong and we did. The guy serving us was a little bit young and awkward, like he was just hitting those years where he's got a job so he can buy his girlfriend a pretty bracelet for her birthday.  He was alright though. 

Paul got a coffee and I got a tea so I would actually be able to sleep that night (yesss tea has caffeine but I wanted one!). I wanted some of his coffee foam and the sweetheart put it on top of my tea. I don't think he had realised how not at all those two things went together but he was still sharing… right? 

Dessert for Paul was a trifle… thing.  It had orange jelly, chocolate brownie, custard, fruit, cream and more brownie. It was super weird and wasn't something that makes you want to keep eating if you're full, but Paul still got a fair way through it though so they did something right. 

I went the waffle. It was the hot fudge sauce that got me.  But here it comes why having Cold Rock in the same shop came in handy - what flavour ice-cream would you like on your waffles? I had my pick of all that CR had to offer! I was still a bit full from dinner, not full, just… content and not really hungry. But I ate it all except maybe a scoop of ice-cream. So pretty fair effort thaaaaank you!

They did have so many other dessert options, I think it would be good to go there again.  It's not too pricey and they cakes looked awesome :)

After all that, it was definitely the end of the food portion of date night. 

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  1. Love Paul's bug-eyed attack on the dessert!

  2. Haha I know! There was a few other action shots but this was the best haha

  3. Unfortunately they have closed (along with Cold Rock right next to it).

    1. Oh no! That's a shame. Thanks for letting us know :) I'm especially going to miss Cold Rock.