Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tap, tap, tap it inn

Of the two of us, Paul is particularly fond of the Tap Inn and even had his 18th birthday dinner there. We also have friends who chose to have their wedding reception in the "fancier" part, so we were both quite familiar with this place going into date night.

We've both previously had good experiences here, no general complaints. But coming up to this date night we heard a lot of bad things. From the schnitzel's taking over an hour to come out, and then them not being cooked properly, and general schitty (laff) service.  It's hard to go into a place with an open mind after hearing a few bad reviews - even online they were getting 1 - 2 stars because of their service (good reviews about the food though). 

I had faith in them this time though, mostly because we were using a scoopon that entitled us to 2 schnitzels, 2 beers and a bucket of balls each! So when we made the reservation they knew what we were there for, and surely it wouldn't take too long. Damn skippy!

We ordered a garlic bread - downside was I had to pay for lemonade because they wouldn't swap a beer, but really no biggie. We sat down with our drinks, admired the tree next to us 

and then boom garlic bread. so good and so quick! We got given a little bread basket which we downed straight away… even though we were getting garlic bread and our mains. 

One thing that we did giggle at and is perhaps a little snobby of us, but the waiter seemed a bit new and i went to hand him the empty bread basket when he gave us our garlic bread to get it out the way, but he didn't take any notice and walked away. It was a little funny because of our small table and it was obviously in the way… but that was fiiiiiine. 

We hadn't even finished the garlic bread when our mains had come out. Our reservation was for 7.30… our schnitzels were in front of us at 7.39. NICE ONE TAP INN. They're winners in our eyes. 

We both stuffed our faces with our delicious schnitzels and then headed to hit some balls. 

Paul successfully hit a lot more balls than I did. Apparently I'm not the best ball hitter.  One hit I managed to fling the ball directly upwards and hit the roof, one I missed and hit it as I swung my club back down and hit the ball backwards, and a few I just kind of tapped and ended up throwing onto the green. Mostly I hit them honestly, I got pretty good towards the end there. 

Overall, a pretty decent date night. It's unfortunate that a lot of people have had bad experiences there because it really is a good, cool place to eat. I'd say don't listen to what people say and give it a go for yourself - you might get there on a good night like we did!

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  1. The food looks better than your golf too.

  2. So, I know I don't get out much anymore, but dinner and golf in the same place? Revolutionary.