Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Snake Charmer

Well, the place certainly was charming. Another daily deal date night, $25 for two mains. After looking on their website and seeing mains were usually around $23 each, I was pretty pleased.

Now being in Unley, I understand that The Snake Charmer gets to be a bit overpriced.  Thinking about it now though, that much for mains is probably pretty standard, it's just the indian place we usually go to (which is still number 1 in my eyes) is only about $15 for a meal, we've been a bit spoilt.

So getting there it's a lovely little place on Unley Road, and I loved the interior… the lights had stained glass covers around them with snakes on the stained glass… just a lovely touch I thought.

After asking the waitress what had nuts in it (because of all the indian places i've been, a LOT put nuts in a lot of their dishes), she answered, just the cheese and almond naan, all the curries do not have nuts.

THE CURRIES DO NOT HAVE NUTS. I was a very very happy date nighter. So, I had my pick of the dishes. It was very exciting, so there was no way I could get butter chicken, and whatever I did get, I could try some of Paul's as well because it wouldn't have nuts in it! I chose the coriander chicken and Paul got the chicken tikka masala. 

we also ordered a garlic naan to share and 2 serves of rice (because I am a huge rice eater, I can't get enough of the stuff). Our mains were very quick which was great and they smelt amazing. I was so happy with mine it was delicious. It was honestly so new to me because I usually stick with the same dishes. It had chilli but wasn't too spicy (I don't like spicy) and was just a great flavour, very easy to scoff down :). Paul's tikka masala was near mind-blowing. Very creamy and almost buttery, but nothing like butter chicken, very hard to explain but very delicious. 

The service was great, checking to see if everything was alright with our meals. I really appreciate that little bit extra attention in a restaurant. 

So after stuffing ourselves full to the brim with our meals, we got the bill. One little mistake was they apparently had not realised or had forgotten that we had already paid for the deal, and charged it to us. One word to who appeared to be the head waiter and that was all fixed up.

Good food, probably a good price even without a voucher, and good service! And it's a good place to take sneaky pictures. 

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