Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cafe Blu

Glenelg Pier Hotel. Scoopon. Two entrees, two mains, dessert to share.  There was absolutely no way of going wrong (unless the food/service was horrible, neither of which was truth for this night, so there was no way of going wrong. Case and point).

I love love love having waiters or waitresses that don't seem like they hate their jobs and would rather be anywhere but at work, it just makes the whole dining experience so much nicer.  We had a very energetic older woman serving us, who made a lot of jokes and made recommendations on the menu.  She just seemed so happy, it really rubbed off on us.  Not that we weren't happy, it just improved the mood further. 

We went for a little bit of difference in our entree choices. Honey soy chicken and deep fried camembert, holla! I wasn't expecting the honey soy in pastry, I didn't really know what I was expecting really. It was more of a, hmm that sounds good, mmm i'm hungry, mmm chicken GET ME FOOD NOW. 

The camembert had a relish with it, and the honey soy chicken was crunchy and light and it felt kind of healthy so I didn't feel so terrible about the 3 course meal I was about to devour.  For a main I got… A BURGER. Surprises all round, I know. It was good, but eggy and my tomato sauce was on the side. Eventually I removed the egg because it was sunny side up and the yolk was dripping down my hands when I was trying to eat my burger like a boss and it just wasn't worth it.  Paul had a chicken tikka pizza. From what he said, it was some damn good tikka'd chicken, like an indian restaurant would do it. Chicken Tikka Pizza, ladies, Paul likes a culture mix. 

So we'd been giggly and secretly talking about the stuck up sour people next to us, and were on a moral high for being such good diners and having a good laugh with the waitress and it was time for dessert.  The waitress recommended the triple layer mousse cake and there was no way I was going to argue, it sounded amazing. 

It was amazing. Imagine the most sickly, tasty, rich, artery clotting mousse in both white chocolate and milk chocolate flavours… There's your Cafe Blu triple layer mousse cake.  

The piece was huge and it was a good thing Paul and I were sharing because otherwise I would have forced myself to eat that whole damn piece. We both ended the night on an extreme sugar high and vowed to come back.

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  1. Best dessert eating photo eva.

    Can't believe you wasted that gorgeous, yolky egg. I weep for it's demise.

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