Saturday, March 31, 2012


Tonight was nice and cheap and simple date night. To Norwood for the new rage that never actually took off - Pizza's in a cone. 

The idea of it is awesome, like a pizza or calzone but in a comfortable hand held ice cream cone shaped.. thing. It's like something that you would get at the Royal Show, just a quick, easy, quite possibly cooked in unhygienic circumstances, kind of food.

We had a scoopon (though I feel like by now that should pretty well be assumed) which entitled us to 2 "cones", 2 serves of hot chips and 2 cans of soft drink.  This was not a classy date night.

It was winter and a Saturday night so Norwood Parade was pretty quiet, as was this newly opened Conetopia store.  To be truthful, the food didn't blow my mind. Pizza and hot chips just doesn't go that well together for me, and while it wasn't exactly a pizza, it still kind of was. 

I felt a little bit sick eating it just because it was so cheesy and looked like vomit. And the dough around the outside was a bit chewy and hard to bite off.

Not the venues fault, that's how a rolled up pizza with a ridiculous amount of cheese looks I guess. Paul really enjoyed it and didn't get that same vomit vibe that I did, so as always, each to their own.  It was a nice quick dirty date night dinner followed by gelati and a nice ride home. Too easy. 

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  1. I always thought those pizza cones looked revolting. I don't think I'll bother trying it. Thanks for doing the hard yards for me :)