Sunday, March 4, 2012


The best date nights we remember not just because of the food, but the good times and stories that come with it. We struck gold at Zootz.

Another Scoopon saw us heading to Henley Beach for date night. I’d been to Zootz before for brunch with my family and for fish and chips with my girlfriends, but never for a sit down dinner. I had previously had such great experiences with food here, I had talked it up the whole week, just the best food ever “and oh my god yuuuummm and their fish, I don’t usually like fish but I loooooved it and it’s going to be so good”. The pressure was on Zoots to perform, and they didn’t even know it (until I told the waitress how much I had talked it up and that they better come through with the goods, I’m good at making things awkward apparently).

Already in high spirits, we took our seats and the waitress explained the deal to us. Like I hadn’t read the thing 10 times over and knew exactly what the deal was. Ha. But we got the menu and there were 3 things that I wanted, and a couple that Paul wanted too. No, we didn’t go nuts and buy 5 meals, but we did have a long discussion about which 2 we both wanted that we could share. We try this all the time. We want the same thing so we get different things and “share”. We never share. We like what we get and we try a little bit of the others. There is no putting both plates in the middle of the table and actually sharing. It’s selfish sharing and I love it.

This particular date night we were very happy and cracking lots of jokes and laughing non-stop, which was fantastic… for us. Trying to speak to a waitress mid-jokes and then pulling strange jokes that don’t really make sense doesn’t really work. Luckily she was in a good mood and seemed to appreciate it but on the other hand she may have been pretending. At least she’ll talk about us later. One of the personal jokes that had come from the night was me quoting The Mask (I believe the quote was “somebody stop me”) and doing an absolutely terrible impersonation of Jim Carrey, very loudly. And Paul and I were laughing very hard for a very long time. You know when you get in those “funny” moods and absolutely everything is hilarious. Yeah, that happened… And lasted the rest of the night. It was fantastic.

So anyway, we had decided on 2 meals. Waitress comes to take our orders and Paul tells her want we would like. I can’t remember what he said but I was like NO Paul that wasn’t what we decided on and the waitress looks on confused and I was like nooo can we have this and Paul was all I thought we wanted this but I was like no I want this. But all the while I was trying to say this kind of quietly to tell Paul to change what he’d ordered us without saying it to the waitress so I wasn’t telling Paul what to do, even though I kind of was. Except I was talking really quietly and then Paul couldn’t hear me properly and the waitress was leaning in because she needed to hear what I was saying. It was super awkward and confusing and back and forth about what we were ordering. Whoops.

In the end it was Salt & Pepper Squid and Chicken Bocconcini. At this point I would like to point out that Zootz completely held up, I was correct in my raving about them. Hands down the best S&P Squid I can remember ever having. 

Tender strips of calamari lightly fried and served with scalloped potato crisps, garden salad and a chilli mayonnaise. 
 Salt & Pepper Squid: 

Chicken Bocconcini:
Chicken breast stuffed with bocconcini, wrapped in prosciutto & served upon a creamy mashed potato, topped with asparagus and a hollandaise sauce, with a side of vegetables

And Paul gave me a bite or two of the Chicken but from what I heard that was equally mind blowing. For me, the S&P Squid was melt in the mouth good, it was fresh and delicious and just tasted SO GOOD. So good in fact, that I ate my weight in that meal and couldn’t eat a bite of dessert because I felt so sick. That’s just how I date night.

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  1. I just finished reading your entire blog, very enjoyable, and now I'm really hungry! I love that you and Paul share meals, Mr G and I do that too. Keep em coming x