Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sparrow Kitchen and Bar

I don’t know if I’ve ever felt so trendy. This place was hip-happenin’ and I’d never even heard of it before – Scoopons are bloody brilliant! It was a very different kind of set up, when we first walked in there was a big marble bar, then tables and lounges all kind of thrown into the same big area. It looked a lot better than I describe. It gave off a very “we’re casual and trendy but also up-market and fancy with our dim lighting and waitresses with one hand behind their back” kind of vibe. Let’s just say I really felt like one of the cool kids. Then we saw one of our trendy friends and I was like damn I’m so cool.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’m a burger kind of girl, not necessarily “scared” of trying new things – but I know what I like. No such option here. Now with the Scoopon you got wine, Sangria, Tapas each (or more expensive one to share) and main meal. I switched my wine for soft drink (I’ll never be that fancy), but actually drank the Sangria and it was DELISH, so sweet and nom nom nom.

We opted to share a Tapas, mainly I think because the other individual options creeped me out – quail egg? Come on. We had a Tortilla of Potato and Onion and while being eggy – it had some awesome caramelized onion stuff and it was the shizzay.  Restaurants are genius in the way they make you wait for food so you’re super hungry then everything you eat tastes AMAZING.

When it came to main meals – it was all so different to what I would order I asked the waitress for her suggestions, one of them was Beef Cheek. Ew, what’s wrong with you lady? But after I pulled a face she said why and had me sold – why not try something new? So Paul and I got suckered in by her suggestions and I got the Beef Cheek and Paul got the sirloin. 

I would have dumped burgers on their ass for this meal… Red Wine Beef Cheek. Hello most tender meat I’ve ever had in my life. I didn’t use my knife. I tried to, I really did, but at the time it was just the most un-necessary utensil. I could have pulled it apart with my fingers and probably would have if I was at home – but lets all remember that tonight was a little bit fancy.

Another tick to our O’Connell Street list – don’t mind if we do!

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