Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pride of India

I always feel bad when I can’t understand what someone is saying, and have to ask again what they said, or more so, when someone doesn’t understand English very well and I have to repeat myself 5 times to get my question across. Eating at restaurant that sells foreign cuisines like Indian and Chinese, and have waitresses/waiters that have strong accents from their respective countries usually poses an issue for me when I’m trying to find out if a meal contains nuts. Because me and my allergies are a huge pain in the ass. But more on that later.

Yet again, we had a trusty Scoopon that led us to Pride of India at Glenelg. We probably never would have gone there without it, and probably won’t go there again. It definitely wasn’t terrible, the service was good (aside from a slight language barrier), the food came out rather quickly, but unfortunately there is just a short list of Indian places I would rather go before going back there. I didn’t really take note of the prices. And also afterwards I had a mix between that sick “I ate too much” and sick “I ate something that’s going to make me be sick” feeling. I never was actually sick so let’s put it down to I ate too much. Moving forward…

With our deal we got entrée, 3 curries, rice and naan. Language barrier story: Butter Chicken is (like most Westerners I believe) my favourite dish. I am also aware that at a lot of place (and in the jars), butter chicken contains cashews/other nuts, so when going to a new place I always feel it necessary to check. So I did. After about 5 minutes (it felt like 20) of trying to explain that’s I’m allergic to nuts and cannot eat any, and the waitress not understanding, eventually through hand signals, slow talking and  the waitress nodded and went and checked with the chef what I could eat. Hello list of about 5 things that I could choose (it was a big menu so that wasn’t much). On a positive note this was a prime opportunity to try a dish I usually wouldn’t eat, so I did.

I can’t even remember what we ended up ordering, Paul got Butter Squid, which was apparently good. It just didn’t make me feel great eating it. I didn’t want to keep eating; I ate until I wasn’t starving and then stopped. I tried everything. I can say that. Paul liked it too but wasn’t really impressed. It wouldn’t be the first place I recommend to my friends, but if you’re REALLY hankering Indian and you’re in Glenelg (and you have no allergies)… then give it a go. I would love to hear from some people that live in the Glenelg area (or anyone that knows of any) better Indian places in Glenelg that we can give a try :)

We got ice cream after which was epically awesome. 

Note: it's upstairs... don't get confused like we did! :)

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