Thursday, February 23, 2012

Oxford Hotel

By now, we could basically call ourself O'Connell Street regulars, we had wandered up and down that many times.  It was a lot of fun walking around like well, we've been there and there and there… I'm probably exaggerating and we haven't done that many but it FELT like it.

Everyone knows of the Oxford Hotel, and it seemed like a prime unbooked and unplanned date night location. Plus, it was a pub, they would have burgers… I do love a good pub burger ;)

The Oxford was so nice inside, and it was so easy to get a table. We were fairly early and it was a Saturday so there wasn't any after work mob there which was good.  I don't think I express enough how much I appreciate a good burger.  When it's just all put together right, and the patty is good. I don't like a patty that's too… if you've had the Primo Burger at Caffe Primo, I don't like it like that.  I guess I like it real? More homemade, not too greasy.  I know, I'm picky for a pub meal but oh well.

Anyway, so went to the bar to get us drinks and I'm pretty sure, not 100% but pretty sure the lady bartender hit on me.  You know when you get the eye? Not the stink eye, the Joey Tribiani "how you doin?" eye… I'm SURE it was that hahaha.  Just a fun little thing I'd like to share. 

I loved the chips they did, no fries here! They cut them up (with a v slicer I bet) and boom on the plate.  I didn't feel as bad about eating them because they weren't technically "fries" right? 

Paul had a lovely fancy pizza with pumpkin and an assortment of other pizza vegetables that I don't really like, but he freaking loved. 

I'd like to mention my eyes only look so crazy because of shadows - I don't actually have a super weird shaped monobrow

It was a pretty short sharp shiny date night which I was peachy keen for. 

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