Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cafe Mykonos

This was an epic win as far as Scoopon’s went. We got drinks, a trio of dips platter AND a seafood & meat mixed platter (worth $95 by itself) for $59 (check out the rest of the menu here). I don’t usually eat much seafood so I went in thinking I was going to get all amongst the meat (that’s what she said).

Our seat was in the Scoopon corner. You could tell because in the little area we were in, the couples around us were ordering getting the same things. I have no problem with said Scoopon corner, but I freaked out and saw the size of the mixed platter we were going to get. Holy moly it was MASSIVE. At this point I didn’t realize we got a dip platter as well so I was like oh that’s awesome I’m gonna eat so much of that. Then she asked us what dips we would like. Tzatziki,  Skordalia aaaand something that I cannot remember. I was so hungry I nearly couldn’t control myself with all the pita that we had in front of us with the dips (which were amazing). By nearly I mean I didn’t control myself at all and stuffed my face with bread. Worth it.

Then the mixed platter came out. I actually ate a lot more seafood than I thought I would. The battered fish was super yummy, and I even tried a prawn or two. Paul downed the scallops which I wasn’t expecting and he had his go at the salt and pepper calamari. It had some green sauce on it that looked like pesto so I kept away from it just in case, and I couldn’t be bothered asking because there was so many other options I could live without the calamari. The meat was a mix of yiros meat, shazliks and chops. Opposite to original thought, I barely ate any of it, I was all about the seafood and chips. I loved it. I ate till I thought I was going to be sick (a habit I know I desperately must kick immediately).

We both waddled like pregnant ladies back to the car, nursing our food babies as we went.

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