Saturday, March 24, 2012

House of the Red Dragon

I knew from when I first made the booking we would like this place. The lady that answered the phone and took my booking was so happy and enthusiastic, it was amazing. When she said “great we’ll see you then”, it felt like she genuinely meant it. And that’s what’s missing from customer service these days.

Personally, customer service in restaurants is bloody important, nearly as much as the food. If I have a shitty waitress/waiter that act as if they had a million places they’d rather be (which they probably do), the only part I’m going to enjoy about them is the bitching that comes after they leave the table. A dining experience is so important; it makes me remember the place so much more. If I feel like the waitress/waiter just hates everything, I get the inkling they’ll spit in my food.

So they lady that took my call was cracking jokes after about 10 seconds and later in the day we made our way there. It’s a cool looking place. Like a cheap palace made in the 70s, I liked it. The lady that greeted us (I wish I could remember her name) was the same that took my call and we were in “her section” (yessss). The menu was fair huge and so we asked for recommendations. She said, as she pointed to one page of the menu, is the cheaper cuts of meat so it wasn’t the most delish. Good thing I asked because that page was exactly where I was looking. We got her two recommendations and some entrĂ©es. I think we were also eavesdropping on the couple table next to us because they were talking about weird things. Date night win.

I honestly can’t remember what we got. I remember it was damn good and not too pricey considering how much food we ordered. Successful date night.

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