Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cafe Palazzo

Basically, we're working towards filling up our O'Connell street book of "we've been there", and hadn't gone for the first restaurant on the corner, Cafe Palazzo.  We'd done the other end with Sparrow Kitchen and Bar, and like a puzzle we would start working from the corners in. 

I know the general "rule" for going out is don't get risotto because it's always crap. Cafe Palazzo will prove that an unnecessary sterotype. I broke the rule, and I will break the rule time and time again for this place. It was a bit cold, and I was a little bit sick and we had had a big weekend without time for date night. Wrong. There is always time for date night. We went out Sunday night, prepared for a nice dinner and then home to rest my poor ill head. 

It was the perfect kind of risotto night, I needed something warm but didn't feel like pasta or anything else. Risotto was perfect. It tasted so effing good. Granted, I haven't had a lot of risotto's in my life, just one that my friend Sarah made (and if you ever need a good risotto - consider paying her to make you one but that was damn good) so it's possible that i'm not the best judge of what's awesome by general standards. Regardless, my tastebuds had a good time that night. 

Chicken, red onion, roast capsicum, baby spinach, tomato and white wine in a rose sauce. 

Paul got his big gourmet pizza on, and he definitely had that all to himself. Pepperoni, olives, capsicum, mushroom.  The thing was topped with too many things I didn't like, it was going to be too hard to pick it all off to try some. 

I've heard people have terrible experiences here, personally from what I remember the service was good, the food was great and it was nice and quiet.  Even though I was feeling sorry for myself it was still an awesome date night, and I went home with a fully belly and happy tastebuds.

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