Saturday, February 18, 2012


So I had heard about Salsa from a few ladies at my previous work, and they had taaaaalked about it and talked it up so much we had to date night there. Simply could not say no after hearing about this amazing place. 

It's possible we didn't go at the best time, it's near the beach and it was winter. It was on a dark street that didn't really have a lot else on there, maybe a fish & chip takeaway shop and the front was lit up with florescent lights which I think were all the rage in the… 80s? Also a lot of palm trees. Anyway, it was a bit cool and hip, and very very different to what I was expected from a place called "Salsa". I hear that and I was thinking mexican. I don't know what Salsa was, it definitely wasn't mexican. I'm thinking italian. 

The inside matched the outside, it was very dark inside. Not like mood lighting, it was darker than that. Like a struggle to read the menus dark… but that's okay! Especially where we sat kind of in the corner. Furniture looked like it was from the 80s as well, which I have nothing against it was just a different kind of date night.  Actually thinking about it - whatever era "Grease" was in… that's what it was like. I thought of the diner they have the shakes in and Danny and Sandy hid behind the menus and giggle. Yeah that diner, it was like that. But smaller. And a lot darker. And in Australia… etc.

The menu is very limited and it's all a bit.. different. Which is great, but personally didn't leave me with a lot that I like the sound of. Paul had a chicken dish, which was chicken breast, potatoes and another vegetable in a sauce and I went for definitely the most basic thing on the menu - margarita pizza. 

Don't mind the poor quality photos... it was dark :)

Paul cleaned his plate up :)

I wish I wrote this closer to that particular date night, but I didn't… So this is what you get!

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