Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Maple House

We'd first noticed it when we had date night at Outback Jacks. I had high hopes just from the name Maple House… it sounded delicious. 

It wasn't particularly busy when we went on a Friday night, especially compared to Outback Jacks across the way, but I liked the quiet, it was more "datey". I love a good fried rice, so that's one my obvious, no questions asked, we're definitely getting that choices. Really, I can't go past a good sweet and sour dish either. And Paul can't go past anything that has "ribs" in it. 

Prices were reasonable so we got two entrees to share, fried dim sims and spring rolls. I'm not used to having "real" dim sims, more the frozen/deep fried salty ones you get at chicken and chip shops. So when these big round things came out I was like… that's not a dim sim (obviously it was). It tasted a lot better than other dim sims. The real stuff always is right?

Paul got what I believe was pork ribs in plum sauce (whatever it was, it was bloody delicious) and I had sweet and sour pork. Hello amazing. I was so glad that when it came out it wasn't that red super artificial sauce. It looked and tasted amazing. It looked and tasted really fresh. And the fried rice was awesome too, not overly oily and didn't make me feel like I was eating something terrible for me (even though I really knew I was).

Unfortunately now, Maple House has closed down… however it has been replaced with Top Tai, which we've been to which will feature in a later date night entry ;)

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