Saturday, February 11, 2012

Greek on Halifax

I can’t even remember how I heard about this place, as to my knowledge it’s not somewhere that “people our age” (hehe) frequent (if it is and I’m just not part of the cool crowd, my apologies). It was winter when we went but there were still tables set up outside. I remember thinking oh my goodness I hope one of those isn’t ours! We went in and it was just amazing. So warm and cosy and just nice. Very busy but not too crowded, you could still move around without knocking other people that’s always good.

We were a little bit early and our table wasn’t ready yet. The hostess was so apologetic I nearly felt bad! She was lovely and seemed to appreciate that we didn’t mind waiting until our table had cleared. So we sat outside and had a drink before we were officially seated. I think this was our first of Greek date nights. The menu blew me away. So much meat and different types of meat, and different meals. It was food I wasn’t used to on date night so I couldn’t not try something new even if I tried.

There was a lot of different “types” of people in the Greek. There was the small group of middle aged well dressed tipsy women, a few couples, what appeared to be a family and a few double dates. Our table happen to be seated next to the tipsy older women so I got a few giggles from listening to them for the evening.

We went to town on the pita bread, we were both so hungry and I may have ruined my meal by eating my weight in dip and pita. It was worth it. A mixed dip platter and pita is $18, then we ordered extra pita (which was only $2) because our mains were taking a little while to come out.

Looking back at the menu, I can’t actually remember what I ordered. I have a feeling it may not be on their current menu. It was basically lamb and vegetables, but that was some damn tender lamb and some damn good vegetables. It tasted almost like a home cooked meal, but with a touch of fancy. Like if one of your parents was a chef, that’s how your home cooked meal would taste.

Paul, being the manly man that he is, got the Colossus ($27). It’s basically just a giant plate of different meat. So much meat. I felt full just looking at it. But, apparently it was delicious, and to go with my damn good vegetables and lamb was his damn good meat.

It wasn’t a big date night after our huge meals. We just had to go home and slip into food comas, which really is a good end to a great date night :)

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