Wednesday, December 14, 2011

house of chow

I came here on my 16th birthday with a group of girl friends (no parents! it was so exciting and grown up of us) and all I can remember was it being freaking delicious and having leftovers for breakfast. 

I also remember it was a bit pricey. House of Chow was a special date night. So we treated ourselves to a 3 course meal (no dessert - but a couple of entrees and our mains laff)

For an entree we shared either dim sims or spring rolls ($11 each, you get 3 per serve), and chicken and corn soup I believe ($7.50), being one of Paul's favourites :)

I think the meat mains range from $20-$30, i can't remember exactly what we got that night but it was a good and proper date night. we got to sit near one of the giant fish tanks which I quite enjoyed.

To be honest - the waiters/waitresses wear nice uniforms, they have good service, the place is decked out nicely, but at the end of the day it was chinese. their fried rice was pretty bloody good, but besides that it was just a pricey chinese restaurant to me.

that's just me though - they're doing something right because the place is always filled with people :)

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