Sunday, December 18, 2011

burger it.

The first of our multiple couple date nights.

We had driven/walked past Burger It on our previous O'Connell Street date nights and I really do love a good burger, so we decided to make a (date) night of it. A few friends we hadn't seen for awhile came with us and after a solid 10 very confusing minutes we eventually all ended up at the right burger place on O'Connell.

Compared to Fergburger in New Zealand, this was nothing. Those were the most amazing burgers ever and worth more than their price tag. Burger It, however, did not blow my mind. I got a fairly plain burger because nothing on their menu at the time really took my attention. Looking at it now however, it seems a lot better and it's fairly possible that I just wasn't that hungry.

It's a pretty small place with a bench with stools along one wall for those singles just stopping in and some tables against the other wall. It's like a takeaway trying to be a dine in.

However - ignore what I'm saying because Paul really enjoyed it and thought their burgers were delish. So to give you absolutely no direction whether to try it out or not.... that was Burger It.

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