Sunday, January 22, 2012

ch-ch-cha chi's!

Because we can't get enough of mexican delights!

I rate Cha Chi's with the 3 D's: diverse, dodgy and delicious.

Cha Chi's Mexican Cantina was trouble from the start. At the time they had just moved about 5 minutes away from their previous location, so when we rocked up for our reservation we came across a lovely Chinese restaurant. Certainly noted for a date night down the track but not ideal for our mexican date night that we were already late for!

After calling Cha Chi's they led us in the right direction (and a bit of help from Google Maps). We walked towards the Mexican Cantina and walked over a very "asian" bridge and through a garden area... perhaps the place we originally went to and Cha Chi's swapped locations?

So, first observations. Old. It was very shabby and outdated, had slightly smelly carpet and pink chairs possibly from the 90s. They did just move there so maybe they've updated since then? So because of this, we have our first D - dodgy. But every place deserves a chance, so we opened our menus.

Come in second D - diverse. The crowd here was... well rounded. The table next to us was amazing to sit near. They were all "bogans" (about 6 of them) and ordering for about 10, to match that they were all overweight and just generally... cliche. To top it off we spent part of the night listening to their conversations about World of Warcraft and... well no that was pretty much the conversation the entire night. Also a couple to our right I was fairly sure they were having affairs... well one person was. I only spotted a wedding ring on the man!

So we ordered the fajitas to share and it really didn't take long to come out which was great, I was starving.  A sizzling hot plate with meat and capsicum and onions, a plate with hot wraps aaand four cups. One with cheese, one with sour cream, one with salsa and the last with guacamole. Definitely glad we ignored the first D, because the third was the straight up truth - Delicious.

So damn good! I had so much faith in the food here after this meal, I had to go for dessert. And so did Paul.

Warm chocolate cake and apple turnover, both with ice-cream and strawberries? This place couldn't go wrong!

Later that night we did suffer a bit. Considerably painful stomach cramps... It did put me off a bit, but we didn't actually get sick or food poisoning or anything. I definitely rate Cha Chi's date night, it was memorable.

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