Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Cavern Club

Musical date night appeared when we got free tickets to the fab four gig at cavern club.

Paul's band Hurricane Jane have played a fair number of gigs at the Cavern Club, and the owner/manager there loves them.  For those of you not aware, the Cavern Club was basically an underground funky club/bar dedicated to the Beatles. I mean themed cocktails, memorabilia, general funkiness everywhere.

I say was because recently, in a (successful) attempt to get more business and bigger crowds, Cavern have been opening their stage to a lot of different musical genre's, ranging from swing to hardcore metal. Anyway, they maintain their Beatles love with the Fab Four being their regular Beatles cover band (and they are amazing).

As I said, we got free tickets to see them play, and Paul and I decided to make a (date) night out of it. We had a few other friends going too so we went a bit early and in date night fashion got dinner. Other times we had been to Cavern it hadn't been the busiest of places, so we assumed that we wouldn't need to make reservations.

People, on nights of the Fab Four make reservations. The place was off the hizzay.

When we got there we asked a waiter/server/whatever they're called for a table for dinner. Bad move, we sent the poor kid into a breakdown frenzy. "oh, you want dinner??" *looks around in mad panic for a table* "yep, yep sure sure". We got a table, we got dinner, it was lovely and fine. But my god I understood his panic, there were a couple of large tables of drunken middle aged people having the time of their life.

After dinner our friends arrived and Paul held my bag while I got my groove on a little bit. I really enjoyed the night, the band were great and middle aged can DANCE. They were getting their groove on more than we were that's for sure.

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