Sunday, April 24, 2011

Beyond India

ah, our first of many indian date nights.

now i'm pretty sure mostly everyone knows about beyond india, one of the most amazing indian restaurants out there i'm sure. i mean, i'm not reeeaallllyyy the best person to judge because the only indian i have is butter chicken (unless the butter chicken has cashews), because i can't eat nuts and spicy things make me feel sick BUT i can tell you, the butter chicken from this place is mind blowing.

Buttery, buttery sauce but not too much. Not spicy, perfectly tandoored chicken, fantastic service, busy but quick, great naan. just all round tip top. BUT because it is all that amazing and more, it is a little bit more expensive. it's the type of indian restaurant that you'd want to get a little dressed up for and you'd probably still feel a little underdressed (this is the o'connell street one, there's also a more relaxed one at clovercrest) but it's date night so huzzah! in saying that, they also do take away, and take home packs.

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