Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Pink Pig

Oh yes, the Pink Pig.  Paul had told me about this place - and we were ready for an expensive date night and Paul was ready to get his bib on.

The place was packed and when we got there for our 8pm reservation, we had to sit and wait about 10 minutes for a table to be free.  It was fine really, I was bloody starving but filled my belly a little bit with a very sophisticated coca cola.  Delish.

Paul and I were both... jittery.. with hunger by the time we got seated and ordered a garlic bread straight away.  I wouldn't say I'm cheap, but $6.50 for a garlic bread seemed a big steep to me. 

Looking on their online menu I remember the ribs being really really expensive, but apparently they were only $30. I got fillet mignon, I have no idea why because it's not usually my cup of tea, but it must have seemed appealing on the night and stood out when I skimmed the menu.  I was so hungry I would've eaten anything.

Anyway, by the time our food came out (I can't remember if it was a long wait - though I imagine it would have been a bit of a wait considering how busy it was), we were both about to start munching on limbs, so it was heads down and mouths a-chewin when our meals got there.

So you understand - we now have a rating scale for ribs. whenever paul has ribs anywhere else, they get rated on a scale of 1 to pink pig (surprisingly caffe primo's are like an 8).

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