Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Hog's Breath

The bibs had been done, now it was time to get our steak on.

Hog's Breath Cafe, famous for meat. Meaty meat. I've never been a huge fan of steak. I've never gone oh my god someone just get me a meaty tender steak with pepper gravy IMMEDIATELY. I'll generally order something else and I think Paul is usually the same. However I was super keen to get into the famous curly fries.

First of all, I commend their customer service. The waitress could tell us about anything on the menu, she was happy and seemed to enjoy her job. Big points for Hog's Breath on that one! We went all out on this date night. Three course meals that aren't cheap all out. I think garlic bread was the starter, but then just because we had to, steaks were on the menu for main meals. I remember not being ridiculously satisfied with steak. I tried, I ate as much as I could. But personally, even when really well cooked and delicious, a steak just doesn't do it for me like other meals do.

It was lucky we got the entree because our mains did take a while to come out - which I guess is expected and even after delish garlic bread I was STARVING. Dessert was fucking mind-blowing. We had been to Hog's Breath for my work do the year - or year before - and gotten dessert. That time we got a giant glass bowl thing of ice cream and brownie and cream and toppings and it was sex in the mouth good. This time round we shared a sticky date pudding. Mouth orgasm. We didn't take pictures but anyone who has had dessert at Hog's knows exactly what I am saying. Super rich and thick and just sickly. My perfect dessert.

While I wouldn't rush back there - it was still overall an awesome, but expensive-ish meal. Dessert was by far my favourite part.

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