Thursday, March 31, 2016

Chuck Wagon

With Adelaide’s heavy burger scene, and with what feels like endless options, Chuck Wagon definitely stands out, not only for the Americana food but the distinct look it’s created for itself.  Even before you walk in, your eyes are treated to a barrage of superhero/fandom statues, drawings, pictures and posters from the ground to the ceiling, literally.  As well as coming for food and/or a hefty milkshake, there are sights to behold.  I didn't take photos so you'll have to go look for yourselves... or google it.

In truth, we’ve been to Chuck Wagon a few times, and by we, I mean I had been once before and Paul has to hold himself back from going every week.  Paul has a friend who got him (us, totally us) a voucher for Chuck Wagon and needing no convincing, we were on our way (thanks Amanda!).  

The menu is so vast I was in a daze when it came to order.  Last time I was in this situation I had people to guide me through it.  And it’s easy when you know what you feel like, but seriously, 18 burgers to choose from, or wings, hot dogs, pizza fries, nachos, sides or how about one of their 11 different desserts on offer?  I mean come ON.  I am so indecisive with food, my FOMO is real.

The onion rings were obviously a goer, there was no question on that one.  I had already checked them out on Instagram and they looked all kinds of deep fried crunchy.  And Paul’s go to is sweet potato fries, so sides were sorted before we even got there.  I thought I was going to get the royale with cheese, I was sure of it, pretty much until we ordered and then out of my mouth came grilled cajun chicken.  Paul was having withdrawals from his favourite and ordered the Piglet.

The onion rings - guys - they are the best flipping rings I’ve had.  They’re not battered, but crumbed.  Delicious and crispy and just URGH perfect.  I swear they double coat them or double fry.  There’s some kind of extra trick to their trade.  Sweet potato fries also delicious.  But the onion rings.  Cake taken.  

These burgers were huge.  I was stuck in a mess because my burger was SO juicy that I wanted to put it down to clean up my covered hands, but because I had two hands-ed it everything dripped and the plate was literally wet, I thought I was going to look up and see some kids eating corn on the roof.  I would seriously consider asking for a side plate next time, one to eat over and one to put the burger down on when you need a time out.  

While the taste factor was incredible, I won’t lie, these aren’t my favourite burgers.  They were big, messy, and the bun went soggy.  I prefer that kind of smaller, less is more type that is going around at places like Nordburger and Burger Boss, but the Chuck Wagon burgers are the ones for Paul.  I will definitely go back to Chuck Wagon to try some of the pizza fries on offer, or the mac and cheese (with bacon) or even some ribs. 

Exciting news though - I’ve created my perfect trifecta.  Chuck Wagon onion rings, Nordburger burger, and Burger Boss special fries.  Now if these guys could get together and either open a shop together or open some near each other so I can collect my goods without the others getting cold, that would really help a gal out.  

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