Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Hereford Beefstouw

I hadn’t heard of A Hereford Beefstouw, ever.  I feel like I’ve eaten at/heard of a lot of places, but as I’m finding out I have barely skimmed the surface.  It makes me really appreciate Adelaide.  I just love food, I love that we have so much of it.  

Facebook showed me the way here, advertising a lunch special - 2 for 1 cheeseburgers.  Obviously I was making that happen.  It was a picture perfect, sunny warm day with a light breeze so just when you were getting a bit too heated mother nature was there to cool you on down… so we sat outside on the crafty wooden chairs at the heavy wooden table and basked.  And basked some more.  And then got so hungry our conversation ended and would re-start with “oh my god I’m so hungry”.  As is standard.  Obviously, our meals eventually made their way out to us, and it really wasn’t a long wait, but my stomach had already making noise for a couple of hours before lunch.  

….Moving on. 

You know those people that just load everything with tomato sauce?  Just pile it on up with no regard for whether anyone else wants the sauce because that amount of sauce is just what’s necessary for your meal?  And without fail, there’s always a father figure somewhere nearby that has to remark “did you want any food with your sauce” and chuckles.  My life, guys.  I seriously butter up some toast and then put tomato sauce on it.  For a long time I didn’t know what a condiment was - tomato sauce was just part of the meal, right?

My point is.  Hereford do not have sauce on their cheeseburgers.  I KNOW RIGHT!!!  Of all the burgers, you would think the cheeseburger is the one with the sauce.  And here’s the big news - it was so good, I didn’t even ask for it.  Actually, they just gave us some anyway on the side with our house-made fries (which were crunchy and soft in all the right places, by the way) and I didn’t add it.  The burger held it’s own.  It was luscious and juicy and didn’t start falling apart till right near the end.  The bun still didn’t get soggy.  

The sauce they did have - now that was a secret sauce.  When my Mum eats out somewhere and has something she really likes, she has a habit of deconstructing it as she eats it so she can attempt to create it at home (something she absolutely nails, might I add).  I was wishing she was there to try and work this puzzle piece sauce out.  It was creamy and zingy and seemed like it might of had a bit of ahhhh something you know that ummm kind of tasted like…  That was me not being able to work it out at all.  Anyway, we asked the chef because even Paul was wanting to know (did I ever mention he found a recipe for Big Mac sauce and it tastes exactly like it?  Form a line, ladies!) and were very surprised the ingredients in it made such a delectable, oozy goodness.

If you want to know those secret ingredients, I suggest you get your butts into that fancy establishment (eating the burger with your hands is still acceptable - not that fancy) and try it.  Unfortunately they only do the burgers Monday - Friday on their lunch menu, but as the name would suggest, they specialise in steak, steak, steak for all those other times. 

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