Monday, January 18, 2016

Burger Boss

Here’s a New Year’s Resolution from me to you.  I will bring one post a month to the table.  I struggle writing this blog, I just don’t make the time for it like I used to, but one thing hasn’t changed - I love food. 

I was thinking of starting this post how the rest of them usually go.. “This isn’t just a burger blog.. BUT”.  You know what though?  No reasoning.  I just really fucking love burgers.  I love everything about them.  They fall under one umbrella of “burger”, but shit, have you ever sat down and really thought about just how diverse the burger is?  There’s something for everyone (except the gluten intolerant… sorry guys (though I’m pretty sure most joints will help you out too)).  Chicken?  No worries.  Spicy?  No worries.  Vegetarian?  Noooo worries.  Double meat, extra cheese, hold the onion, add a hash brown?  No. Worries.  They’re a beautiful, delicious, mood-curing, two-hands-to-understand ball of happiness.  So here, have another post about a damn burger.

I have a friend named Jess, and I respect her food opinion a lot, I really don’t doubt a suggestion she makes.  So when she suggested Burger Boss all it took was teeing up a time.  We were going to be cute and double date night with our partners, but decided we were pretty damn cute on our own, and so we made our way to Burger Boss on Boxing Day.  Luckily the place was actually open (we didn’t think the public holiday thing through much), and took a comfy seat in the red and yellow diner.  

There’s pretty much no better time to get around some cheesed up fries and burgers than just before 1 January.  That’s what the week between Christmas and New Years is all about isn’t it?  Getting as many calories into your body as possible until you feel the pressure (from both society and your now figure hugging clothes) and have to start being healthy?  Yeah, nailed it.  

Their motto?  Eat Like a Boss.  That may just be a motto I take with me for the rest of my life.  Jess said we had to get the Boss Fries, then she opted for the vegetarian Boss Single and I got the Standard Single.  Just FYI, their vegetarian burger replaces the meat with not a veggie patty, not a mushroom, but two freaking hash browns.   TWO HASH BROWNS.  

The boss fries - cheese, caramelised onion and secret sauce.  Secret sauce that tastes exactly like big mac sauce.  Shhhhhiiiiit.  I asked if we should order a fries each and both the man serving us and Jess said “no, definitely not”.  My god, I was excited.  

If I went again I would get the Boss Single because it would be like having the boss fries but on the burger.  It’s 2.0.  In saying that, you could just have a DIY party and put the fries on the burger yourself… But you get what I’m saying.  The fries were so good I would consider going back just for those.  The burger was extremely tasty.  

Not quite as (I’m going to say the word everyone has something against) moist as a few other burgers I’ve had - like at Nordburger and Burgastromony - there was no juices dripping out of the patty and running down my hands, but I’m in no way saying that in a bad way.  It was good clean fun.  The bun was soft, the lettuce was crisp, and I was very, very happy eating it.  

Jess said they’re pretty much the same as In n Out Burger, and while I’ve never had it, if I’m judging a book by its cover I would be inclined to believe her.  Why would Jess lie?  She’s an angel and knows that we never, ever tell tales about food.  

If you like burgers, like era diners, and love fries, get yourself to Burger Boss.  Now.

Burger Boss Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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