Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tandoori Temptations

This post isn't about a particular date night.  It is however, about a place we go nearly every week.  By nearly every week I mean it's more often every week than it is fortnightly.  I'm pretty confident when I say we haven't gone longer than maybe 3 weeks without it (terrible, I know). 

Tandoori Temptations.  

It's a very small place out the front of the Salisbury cinemas that just looks like a standard little Indian place. It's not.  It should have chain restaurants around the country, or at least a couple of fancy pants places like Beyond India (fyi - Temptations butter chicken absolutely OWNS Beyond India's).

As much as we frequent there, I have not had a single bad, average or okay meal.  Granted, I have only tried the butter chicken, but it's a butter chicken that makes your mouth water after each bite.   I don't even have to be hungry to crave it, and since being there, no other Indian compares for me.   It's the type of meal that you can't stop eating, and in that respect its dangerous.  

Why I love the butter chicken so much.  It has this smooth melt in your mouth kind of sauce where the tomato flavour is present but not key and it's not too creamy but it definitely is creamy at the same time and there's butter in there for sure but oh my goodness I could eat it forever.  The sauce just goes so well with the tender tandoori chicken, not to mention the garlic naan!

Paul has tried a few others, he's a bit more adventurous than I am and has found favourites in the chicken tikka masala and spinach chicken, but he generally goes back to the butter chicken. 

I'm no pro on what constitutes the best butter chicken, because everyone has different tastes and looks for different things when it comes to a meal, but of the other indian places I've been, this is by far the best in my books.  If we do an Indian date night now at the end of the night its like "how was that?" "yeah really really good" "temptations good?" "haha! no". 

To top it off to dine in and get 2 mains, 2 drinks (of the fizzy variety), a large steamed rice and 1 garlic naan it comes to around $43 for dine in.  It's a bit cheaper for take away but still for us that feels like a ridiculously fair price, especially considering its something we both crave and always, always enjoy. 

If you're in the north or north east areas of Adelaide, give it a go.  The staff are friendly the food is amazing and the price is good!

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  1. Hey Jade,

    I love your blog! Kylie put me on to it, and it's so much fun reading about your and Paul's adventures in eating!

    I have a suggestion for Indian, if you're keen - Flavours of India at Holden Hill (opposite the police station, next to Fasta Pasta). A friend of mine's family owns it and it is TO DIE FOR. Seriously. So very yummy.

    Would be interested to know what you and Paul think!

  2. ALWAYS keen for recommendations! Especially ones near home! Thanks :)

  3. And I'm so glad to hear you enjoy reading it :) glad I can bring something to the table haha!

  4. I just opened this wondering if it was going to be about the same Indian that Cass raves about! So now I really need to try both of these. We would totes get Temptations for a family dinner sometime soon.