Saturday, June 16, 2012

Belmondo Ristorante

It started with a recommendation.  It became a consideration when we found out it was Italian food.  It was a definite when it was in the north eastern ‘burbs – close to home.

I hate being late.  Usually, if I’m only a couple of minutes early, I feel like I’m late.  I don’t like it when others are late either, but sometimes it’s uncontrollable and things just get in the way and you become late.  This was not one of those times.  We were literally both ready and just hanging around and for whatever reason left a little late and by 7pm (the time of our reservation) we were still 10 minutes away. I hated to be that customer buuuut we called and said we were late and changed the reservation to 7.15 so it’s not that bad.  And then we got there at 7.08 so in the end we were early! Fantastic.

It was my favourite kind of restaurant, warm with a mix of smells that just go together, and not too crowded (though it would have been if it was full).  I liked our spot; it was against a wall out of the jumble of tables.  I’m not really a fan of sitting right in the middle of a restaurant, like when everyone is either shuffling past you to get to the bathroom or to the front door. And from where we were I could just hear other people’s conversations so that was a bit of fun too.

I should also mention – no vouchers or discounts of any kind this evening!

my hair clashed with my surroundings

We got an entrée.  I wanted something different and was seduced by the deep fried camembert.  I knew it wouldn’t be good for me, I went into it with that in mind and an “it’s date night so I don’t care” attitude.  Little did I know the deep fried cheese goodness was a whole round of camembert.  I was thinking it might be a couple of bigish slices.  No.  It was the whole thing.  It wasn’t something that turned my tastebuds on enough to keep eating it, but I definitely had more that one slice.  The jam that was served with it was black currant and while that was generally wonderful and flavoursome, the texture of it was very bitty.   But it wasn’t grainy as such, but it certainly wasn’t smooth.  Anyway I didn’t like it too much purely because of the texture, but at the same time I couldn’t eat the camembert without it.  It was good.  It wasn’t all I had dreamed of and more, but it was something different and we went for it.

our wheel of deep fried cheese

For a main I wanted pasta.  I wanted pizza.  I wanted something different.  I had to go for something different but not too different.  Lamb shanks.  Oh my goodness lamb shanks.  Melt in your mouth, barely need to use a knife kind of lamb shanks.  I figured the meal was kind of healthy because it was lamb and shiraz and tomato sugo and mashed potato and vegetables. What isn’t health about that?! (The coke I had with it probably wasn’t too healthy… or the deep fried camembert before that… but anyway…).  It tasted so homemade and was such a great hearty winter meal that I was happy to pay the $29 for it.  However as a side note my mum makes awesome lamb shanks and they cost me nothing so I wouldn’t make a habit of it. 

Paul had the Gnocchi (with sundried tomatoes, ham, garlic and spinach in a cream sauce) aaaaand basically didn’t speak until he was done eating.  

I’ve never been a huge fan of gnocchi, when I feel like pasta it’s not something I think of.  But Paul loves the stuff and from what he said – or didn’t say – it seemed like Belmondo had it right.  It was a really creamy dish, so after Paul had finished most of the camembert and then this calorific, creamy masterpiece he was done and dusted with food for the night.

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