Monday, December 5, 2011

British India (the restaurant, not the band)

Definitely the “funkiest” place we have been to so far. It was kind of old school in a medieval type way (dark woods, big chairs and heavy tables). There was very dim lighting over our little candlelit table which made it feel nice and cosy, plus as it was harder to see the people around us (especially with my generally terrible eyesight) I guess it felt like we were more alone, which was nice.

British food with a twist. We had options like lamb shanks or shepherds pie – but they were spiced with Indian… spices. Then the other side of the menu was curries like butter chicken, tikka masala, vindaloo, and other things I cannot remember or spell (for the website to check out the menu here).

I went with the lamb shanks. I freaking love the lamb shanks my mum makes, they’re amazing, so why not compare them to restaurant quality? Plus their butter chicken has nuts in it so that was out.

So for those playing at home, I have really fun gastric reflux, so generally spicy things just do NOT agree with me at all. Also I’m allergic to nuts. Indian food isn’t really something that leaves me with a lot of choices dish wise. The lamb shanks seemed safe enough for me.

British India’s mild is not my mild, the lamb shanks were spicy and more Indian that British. Delicious. But too spicy for my poor belly. I ate them, I enjoyed them, I suffered the consequence of a very poor car ride home feeling very sick and sorry for myself. It happens. My reflux was quite bad when we went here, probably wasn’t the best choice for me BUT it was still all delicious! They were amazing and tender and fell off the bone.

I went back here recently and I will go back again.

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