Thursday, April 7, 2011

scoozi me !

date night number 2! rundle street styles.

Needless to say, rundle street on a friday night CRANKS, and so we sat squished in this busy, amazing cafe restaurant thing. they also have a scoozi on o'connell street, but for some reason we chose the really busy one, we may have done a bit of late night shopping too.

I'm pretty sure most people in adelaide know about scoozi, because it's amazing. i had pasta, i'm guessing the penne something, i can't remember what paul had. fair sure we got the garlic bread though, because we always do.

because this post is useless and we have no pictures, check out the menu here

they really do have amazing food, while it was busy so we had to line up for ages to order, i don't think it was an overly long wait for the meals to come out, which is always good.


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  1. Scoozi's was ok when I went there with the girls but I got a certain not-so-kid-friendly-even-in-the-day-time vibe. No kids menu, no chips, poor Amber settled for garlic bread!