Thursday, April 7, 2011

The first. The archer.

Hey-ho! the first date night was upon us.

We had just gotten back together after a break, and I got treated to a nice dinner before I went to a party.  Free food?  Who turns that down?! (no one clever).  I made Paul choose where we were going for dinner, I refused to make decisions.. just for fun.

Now keep in mind I'm writing this a little bit late (somewhat like the bible was), as the first date night was nearly a year ago now (yes, date night is still going nearly a year later).

From what I remember - I loved the food. It was great pub grub, I don't really remember there being anything too fancy on the menu (though there may have been). Paul got a burger, I have no idea why because as it turned out I was the burger fiend and he got ribs whenever he got the chance. But nevertheless, here is Paul enjoying his tiny burger:

As you can see, the Archer do huge burgers, and their chips are delicious.

I would recommend going to the archer. It's an easy pub meal in a nice place, and plus I hear it gets rowdy a bit later in the night ;)

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