Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Curious Squire

It could be said that this blog as been on somewhat of a hiatus.  It's not that I haven't been thinking about it - or that we haven't been eating out, to be honest I've probably just been a bit lazy.  Anyway, during this time we have been to the Curious Squire a couple of times... 

Our first time was after Paul had picked me up from after work Friday night drinks and I had been nibbling away even though I knew we were going out for dinner… if there's tasty food in front of me it takes more self control than I have to turn it down!  So when we went there all I got was some onion rings (because I loooooove me some onion rings!)… oh.  And I got a dessert.  Of course.

Paul got a BBQ chicken pizza (which I had a slice of and it was bloody amazing) and for dessert we got a chocolate fudge sundae… each.  I didn't think anything of it really, my thoughts were more yes yum sundae uurrghh delicious I'm not even hungry but chocolate mmm.  Alarm bells should have rung when the girl taking our order confirmed with us twice that we were ordering a sundae each.  At the time, I didn't think anything of it.

When our onion rings and pizzas were done and the sundae's came out I realised "oh, these things are huge… and look at that, they each come with two spoons".  They each come with two spoons.  I guess that's why the girl wanted to be sure we were getting one each.  I mean, she could have said, just so you know they're big and usually shared between two people… but she didn't.  Instead she chose to reiterate the point she never made by having them still come out with two spoons.  Please don't read this in the wrong tone, it might sound a little mad, but I'm not at all.  We were both crying from laughter at our piggishness.  And lets be perfectly honest… if she had told us, we probably would have got one each anyway.  

So to set the scene - there we are at our table surrounded by people with a half finished pizza, drinks, finished onion rings and two biiiiiiig sundaes… and four spoons.  We looked a little part funny but I didn't care because I was in my happy place.  Surrounded by delicious food and my favourite boy. 

Our second time was on an empty stomach so I had all the more room to fill, and this time I filled it with a burger.  A cheeseburger to be exact.  A cheesy, tasty, mouthwatering, can't-talk-eating, burger.  This thing was on par with Burger Theory.  The glazed bun and the perfect patty, holy moly I loved it.  Paul had the "Sliders Trio" which was one of each angus beef, wild boar and chicken parmy.  A mans platter.  We didn't over do it this time... because after dinner we made our way down to dairy bell and had to save room!

There are so many things on the Curious Squire menu that I want to try it's a sure thing we'll be back there! 

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  1. Ahhhhhh....! I'm content and full and not a single calorie!!