Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chuy's Thai

SORRY for the extreme lack of posts!  Date Night has been put on the back burner for (hopefully) a limited time only.  With sickness and the finding a new rental for me and Paul to move into.. YES that's right.  Paul and I are moving in together!  It's been a busy few weeks of going to inspections and doing applications and being tired and having things on, date night has not happened since TGI's.  But for those following, there's still a bunch of places we've been that I haven't posted about so in the next couple of weeks (we start moving the coming weekend!) I think I'll posting those.  They may not be as detailed as more recent date nights as my memory isn't always great - but maybe i'll make some stories up that COULD have happened just to spice things up ;)  

This was one of those "lets walk down O'Connell Street and see where we haven't been" kind of date nights.  Granted, there's still a lot of places there we haven't been… but we're working our way towards it!  In video games I like to collect everything and finish it to 100%… I think my date nights will be the same.  

We ended up at Chuy's because it was, well, kinda cheap, and we both like Thai food.  It was fairly empty, but we were there early so it might get busier during the non-grandparents eating hours.  As usual, both hungry so we ordered quickly.  I had salt and pepper squid and Paul had chicken of some sort, possibly sweet and sour.  Lots of rice.  For whatever genius reason, I decided to put my glass of water on the window sill.  I can't remember the reason why, maybe I wanted more room for our food, or perhaps I was trying to stop myself from drinking it all before our meals came out.  Regardless, I forgot it was there.  Of course I did!  And quickly got sick of my bag at my feet and put it on the window sill.  Knocking over and smashing my full glass to the ground, under the table and over the window.  What a fantastically difficult spot I smashed it in!  Cleaning it was awkward for the waitress and while I did my best to help… I think I made it worse.  So after "pulling a Paul" (for those of you that don't remember, see here)  I didn't order another drink and we ate.  We ate quickly and we paid and we left.  

The food was okay, it was pretty standard and nothing mind blowing that I couldn't get somewhere else.  But not a bad place and prices were a bit alright!

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